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Thu Jun 04 20:27:19 2015 +0000
917d8e07d42b23177e5cdf6a79dbd5a16513e34eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1167888 - Better string length check in nsZipArchive::BuildFileList. r=smaug, a=dveditz
b64bd97203674ffb21afb3ca5e89c1976eab40d9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1169867 - nsXMLHttpRequest should use and free mProxy correctly. r=ehsan, a=abillings
5245586675a37426defebd9cd96e9295e2ed4f36Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1162060 - Add socorro auth token to B2G device build mock environments. r=bhearsum, a=NPOTB
9a4c377c8a7c2f951b44e3f1d1fdca13e4120576Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1162060 - Add Socorro auth token to Android and B2G mozconfigs. r=mshal, a=NPOTB
a31be6d7406f81519e9242929701e35450439b61Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1168535 - Re-open the zip file for each upload_symbols retry. r=gps, a=NPOTB
882d5e18eef435ca158fe906619130ad2c5a068bTed Mielczarek — Bug 1168535 - Print error response body in r=gps, a=NPOTB
b585afd5db9316c897ca3377588f4b8b7a89f7b0Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1165347 - Use retries for symbol uploads. r=gps, a=NPOTB
765a5c6b1f739f41a1e9b98cf67b0bfb540af269Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1085557 - Bump symbol upload timeout to 120s. a=NPOTB
e6342a46f86628d09becfd318a705473a14503deTed Mielczarek — Bug 1153799 - Stop using SSH symbol upload when using Socorro API. r=gps, a=NPOTB
a03ba2592753de2f140bd7fd5a3684022001d718Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1085557 - Add Socorro symbol upload token file to linux mozconfigs. r=coop, a=NPOTB
57f83f42424c2c659d52a5a04f191f2893f0b16fTed Mielczarek — Bug 1085557 - Switch symbol upload to use Socorro production server. r=rhelmer, a=NPOTB
82b33eda8bb71f588b8484c33e5f23f837bb5ce7Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1085557 - Add Socorro symbol upload token file to mac and windows mozconfigs. r=coop, a=NPOTB
88b5ccc921bae36c11d1a1f8cefb8d2e566e96e6Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1135700 - Make uploadsymbols use Socorro symbol upload API. r=gps, a=NPOTB
5a75a78796d36b8eae594d9101afaa115a9d6419Ted Mielczarek — Bug 1135700 - Import the Python requests module. r=gps, a=NPOTB