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Bug 639469 - Implement mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd, and replace uses of NS_ARRAY_LENGTH whenever possible. r=cjones

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#include "nsITaskbarPreview.idl"
interface imgIContainer;

 * nsITaskbarTabPreview
 * This interface controls tab preview-specific behavior. Creating an
 * nsITaskbarTabPreview for a window will hide that window's
 * nsITaskbarWindowPreview in the taskbar - the native API performs this
 * unconditionally. When there are no more tab previews for a window, the
 * nsITaskbarWindowPreview will automatically become visible again.
 * An application may have as many tab previews per window as memory allows.
[scriptable, uuid(11E4C8BD-5C2D-4E1A-A9A1-79DD5B0FE544)]
interface nsITaskbarTabPreview : nsITaskbarPreview
   * The title displayed above the thumbnail
   * Default: an empty string
  attribute DOMString title;

   * The icon displayed next to the title in the preview
   * Default: null
  attribute imgIContainer icon;

   * Rearranges the preview relative to another tab preview from the same window
   * @param aNext The preview to the right of this one. A value of null
   *              indicates that the preview is the rightmost one.
  void move(in nsITaskbarTabPreview aNext);

   * Used internally to grab the handle to the proxy window.
  nativeWindow GetHWND();

   * Used internally to ensure that the taskbar knows about this preview. If a
   * preview is not registered, then the API call to set its sibling (via move)
   * will silently fail.
   * This method is only invoked when it is safe to make taskbar API calls.
  void EnsureRegistration();