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Bug 639469 - Implement mozilla::ArrayLength and mozilla::ArrayEnd, and replace uses of NS_ARRAY_LENGTH whenever possible. r=cjones

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIPrintSettings.idl"

%{ C++
struct nsFont;

interface nsIStringEnumerator;

 * Native types
[ref] native nsNativeFontRef(nsFont);

 * Print options interface
 * Do not attempt to freeze this API - it still needs lots of work. Consult
 * John Keiser <jkeiser@netscape.com> and Roland Mainz
 * <roland.mainz@informatik.med.uni-giessen.de> for futher details.
[scriptable, uuid(92597c2b-109b-40bb-8f93-9b9acfa31de8)]

interface nsIPrintOptions : nsISupports
   * Show Native Print Options dialog, this may not be supported on all platforms
  void ShowPrintSetupDialog(in nsIPrintSettings aThePrintSettings);

   * Creates a new PrintSettnigs Object
   * and initializes it from prefs
  nsIPrintSettings CreatePrintSettings();

   * Get a prefixed integer pref 
  PRInt32 getPrinterPrefInt(in nsIPrintSettings aPrintSettings, in wstring

   * display Printer Job Properties dialog
  void displayJobProperties (in wstring aPrinter, in nsIPrintSettings
                             aPrintSettings, out boolean aDisplayed);

   * Native data constants
  const short kNativeDataPrintRecord        = 0;

  [noscript] voidPtr GetNativeData(in short aDataType);

[scriptable, uuid(5e738fff-404c-4c94-9189-e8f2cce93e94)]

interface nsIPrinterEnumerator : nsISupports
   * The name of the system default printer. This name should also be
   * present in printerNameList below. This is not necessarily gecko's
   * default printer; see nsIPrintSettingsService.defaultPrinterName
   * for that.
  readonly attribute wstring defaultPrinterName;

   * Initializes certain settings from the native printer into the PrintSettings
   * These settings include, but are not limited to:
   *   Page Orientation
   *   Page Size
   *   Number of Copies
  void initPrintSettingsFromPrinter(in wstring aPrinterName, in nsIPrintSettings aPrintSettings);

   * The list of printer names
  readonly attribute nsIStringEnumerator printerNameList;

  /*  takes printer selected and will display job properties dlg for that printer
   *  returns true if dialog displays
  void displayPropertiesDlg(in wstring aPrinter, in nsIPrintSettings aPrintSettings);