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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsMenuBarX;
interface nsCocoaWindow;
interface nsIWidget;

[ptr] native NSWindowPtr(NSWindow);

// nsPIWidgetCocoa
// A private interface (unfrozen, private to the widget implementation) that
// gives us access to some extra features on a widget/window.
interface nsPIWidgetCocoa : nsISupports
  void SendSetZLevelEvent();

  // Find the displayed child sheet (if aShown) or a child sheet that
  // wants to be displayed (if !aShown)
  nsCocoaWindow GetChildSheet(in boolean aShown);
  // Get the parent widget (if any) StandardCreate() was called with.
  nsIWidget GetRealParent();
  // If the object implementing this interface is a sheet, this will return the
  // native NSWindow it is attached to
  readonly attribute NSWindowPtr sheetWindowParent;

  // True if window is a sheet
  readonly attribute boolean isSheet;
}; // nsPIWidgetCocoa