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Bug 713311 - give the remaining scope objects typed interfaces (r=waldo)

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#ifndef NumberObject_h___
#define NumberObject_h___

#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"

#include "jsnum.h"

namespace js {

class NumberObject : public JSObject
    /* Stores this Number object's [[PrimitiveValue]]. */
    static const uintN PRIMITIVE_VALUE_SLOT = 0;

    static const uintN RESERVED_SLOTS = 1;

     * Creates a new Number object boxing the given number.  The object's
     * [[Prototype]] is determined from context.
    static inline NumberObject *create(JSContext *cx, jsdouble d);

     * Identical to create(), but uses |proto| as [[Prototype]].  This method
     * must not be used to create |Number.prototype|.
    static inline NumberObject *createWithProto(JSContext *cx, jsdouble d, JSObject &proto);

    Value unbox() const {
        return getSlot(PRIMITIVE_VALUE_SLOT);

    inline void setPrimitiveValue(jsdouble d) {
        setSlot(PRIMITIVE_VALUE_SLOT, NumberValue(d));

    /* For access to init, as Number.prototype is special. */
    friend JSObject *
    ::js_InitNumberClass(JSContext *cx, JSObject *global);

    NumberObject() MOZ_DELETE;
    NumberObject &operator=(const NumberObject &so) MOZ_DELETE;

} // namespace js

#endif /* NumberObject_h__ */