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Bug 715769 - Kill unused enums nsWidgetType and nsLanguageSpecificTransformType. r=bernd.mielke.

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/* a presentation of a document, part 1 */

#ifndef nsPresContext_h___
#define nsPresContext_h___

#include "nsISupports.h"
#include "nsColor.h"
#include "nsCoord.h"
#include "nsAString.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsIPresShell.h"
#include "nsRect.h"
#include "nsDeviceContext.h"
#include "nsFont.h"
#include "nsIWeakReference.h"
#include "nsITheme.h"
#include "nsILanguageAtomService.h"
#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"
#include "nsCRT.h"
#include "nsIPrintSettings.h"
#include "FramePropertyTable.h"
#include "nsGkAtoms.h"
#include "nsIDocument.h"
#include "nsRefPtrHashtable.h"
#include "nsCycleCollectionParticipant.h"
#include "nsChangeHint.h"
// This also pulls in gfxTypes.h, which we cannot include directly.
#include "gfxRect.h"
#include "nsRegion.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"
#include "nsAutoPtr.h"
#include "nsThreadUtils.h"
#include "nsIWidget.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"
#include "nsIContent.h"
#include "prclist.h"

class nsImageLoader;
#ifdef IBMBIDI
class nsBidiPresUtils;
#endif // IBMBIDI

struct nsRect;

class imgIRequest;

class nsFontMetrics;
class nsIFrame;
class nsFrameManager;
class nsILinkHandler;
class nsStyleContext;
class nsIAtom;
class nsEventStateManager;
class nsIURI;
class nsICSSPseudoComparator;
class nsIAtom;
struct nsStyleBackground;
struct nsStyleBorder;
class nsIRunnable;
class gfxUserFontSet;
class nsUserFontSet;
struct nsFontFaceRuleContainer;
class nsObjectFrame;
class nsTransitionManager;
class nsAnimationManager;
class nsRefreshDriver;
class imgIContainer;
class nsIDOMMediaQueryList;

class nsRenderingContext;

// supported values for cached bool types
enum nsPresContext_CachedBoolPrefType {
  kPresContext_UseDocumentColors = 1,

// supported values for cached integer pref types
enum nsPresContext_CachedIntPrefType {
  kPresContext_MinimumFontSize = 1,

// IDs for the default variable and fixed fonts (not to be changed, see nsFont.h)
// To be used for Get/SetDefaultFont(). The other IDs in nsFont.h are also supported.
const PRUint8 kPresContext_DefaultVariableFont_ID = 0x00; // kGenericFont_moz_variable
const PRUint8 kPresContext_DefaultFixedFont_ID    = 0x01; // kGenericFont_moz_fixed

#ifdef DEBUG
struct nsAutoLayoutPhase;

enum nsLayoutPhase {

class nsInvalidateRequestList {
  struct Request {
    nsRect   mRect;
    PRUint32 mFlags;

  nsTArray<Request> mRequests;

/* Used by nsPresContext::HasAuthorSpecifiedRules */
#define NS_AUTHOR_SPECIFIED_BORDER          (1 << 1)
#define NS_AUTHOR_SPECIFIED_PADDING         (1 << 2)

class nsRootPresContext;

// An interface for presentation contexts. Presentation contexts are
// objects that provide an outer context for a presentation shell.

class nsPresContext : public nsIObserver {
  typedef mozilla::FramePropertyTable FramePropertyTable;


  enum nsPresContextType {
    eContext_Galley,       // unpaginated screen presentation
    eContext_PrintPreview, // paginated screen presentation
    eContext_Print,        // paginated printer presentation
    eContext_PageLayout    // paginated & editable.

  nsPresContext(nsIDocument* aDocument, nsPresContextType aType) NS_HIDDEN;

   * Initialize the presentation context from a particular device.
  NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) Init(nsDeviceContext* aDeviceContext);

   * Set the presentation shell that this context is bound to.
   * A presentation context may only be bound to a single shell.
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetShell(nsIPresShell* aShell);

  NS_HIDDEN_(nsPresContextType) Type() const { return mType; }

   * Get the PresentationShell that this context is bound to.
  nsIPresShell* PresShell() const
    NS_ASSERTION(mShell, "Null pres shell");
    return mShell;

  nsIPresShell* GetPresShell() const { return mShell; }

   * Return the presentation context for the root of the view manager
   * hierarchy that contains this presentation context, or nsnull if it can't
   * be found (e.g. it's detached).
  nsRootPresContext* GetRootPresContext();
  virtual bool IsRoot() { return false; }

  nsIDocument* Document() const
      NS_ASSERTION(!mShell || !mShell->GetDocument() ||
                   mShell->GetDocument() == mDocument,
                   "nsPresContext doesn't have the same document as nsPresShell!");
      return mDocument;

  nsStyleSet* StyleSet() { return GetPresShell()->StyleSet(); }

  nsFrameManager* FrameManager()
    { return GetPresShell()->FrameManager(); } 

  nsTransitionManager* TransitionManager() { return mTransitionManager; }
  nsAnimationManager* AnimationManager() { return mAnimationManager; }

  nsRefreshDriver* RefreshDriver() { return mRefreshDriver; }

   * Rebuilds all style data by throwing out the old rule tree and
   * building a new one, and additionally applying aExtraHint (which
   * must not contain nsChangeHint_ReconstructFrame) to the root frame.
   * Also rebuild the user font set.
  void RebuildAllStyleData(nsChangeHint aExtraHint);
   * Just like RebuildAllStyleData, except (1) asynchronous and (2) it
   * doesn't rebuild the user font set.
  void PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent(nsChangeHint aExtraHint);

  void MediaFeatureValuesChanged(bool aCallerWillRebuildStyleData);
  void PostMediaFeatureValuesChangedEvent();
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) HandleMediaFeatureValuesChangedEvent();
  void FlushPendingMediaFeatureValuesChanged() {
    if (mPendingMediaFeatureValuesChanged)

   * Support for window.matchMedia()
  void MatchMedia(const nsAString& aMediaQueryList,
                  nsIDOMMediaQueryList** aResult);

   * Access compatibility mode for this context.  This is the same as
   * our document's compatibility mode.
  nsCompatibility CompatibilityMode() const {
    return Document()->GetCompatibilityMode();
   * Notify the context that the document's compatibility mode has changed
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) CompatibilityModeChanged();

   * Access the image animation mode for this context
  PRUint16     ImageAnimationMode() const { return mImageAnimationMode; }
  virtual NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetImageAnimationModeExternal(PRUint16 aMode);
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetImageAnimationModeInternal(PRUint16 aMode);
  void SetImageAnimationMode(PRUint16 aMode)
  { SetImageAnimationModeInternal(aMode); }
  void SetImageAnimationMode(PRUint16 aMode)
  { SetImageAnimationModeExternal(aMode); }

   * Get medium of presentation
  nsIAtom* Medium() { return mMedium; }

  void* AllocateFromShell(size_t aSize)
    if (mShell)
      return mShell->AllocateMisc(aSize);
    return nsnull;

  void FreeToShell(size_t aSize, void* aFreeChunk)
    NS_ASSERTION(mShell, "freeing after shutdown");
    if (mShell)
      mShell->FreeMisc(aSize, aFreeChunk);

   * Get the default font corresponding to the given ID.  This object is
   * read-only, you must copy the font to modify it.
   * When aFontID is kPresContext_DefaultVariableFontID or
   * kPresContext_DefaultFixedFontID (which equals
   * kGenericFont_moz_fixed, which is used for the -moz-fixed generic),
   * the nsFont returned has its name as a CSS generic family (serif or
   * sans-serif for the former, monospace for the latter), and its size
   * as the default font size for variable or fixed fonts for the pres
   * context's language group.
   * For aFontID corresponds to a CSS Generic, the nsFont returned has
   * its name as the name or names of the fonts in the user's
   * preferences for the given generic and the pres context's language
   * group, and its size set to the default variable font size.
  NS_HIDDEN_(const nsFont*) GetDefaultFont(PRUint8 aFontID) const;

  /** Get a cached boolean pref, by its type */
  // *  - initially created for bugs 31816, 20760, 22963
  bool GetCachedBoolPref(nsPresContext_CachedBoolPrefType aPrefType) const
    // If called with a constant parameter, the compiler should optimize
    // this switch statement away.
    switch (aPrefType) {
    case kPresContext_UseDocumentFonts:
      return mUseDocumentFonts;
    case kPresContext_UseDocumentColors:
      return mUseDocumentColors;
    case kPresContext_UnderlineLinks:
      return mUnderlineLinks;
      NS_ERROR("Invalid arg passed to GetCachedBoolPref");

    return false;

  /** Get a cached integer pref, by its type */
  // *  - initially created for bugs 30910, 61883, 74186, 84398
  PRInt32 GetCachedIntPref(nsPresContext_CachedIntPrefType aPrefType) const
    // If called with a constant parameter, the compiler should optimize
    // this switch statement away.
    switch (aPrefType) {
    case kPresContext_MinimumFontSize:
      return mMinimumFontSizePref;
    case kPresContext_ScrollbarSide:
      return mPrefScrollbarSide;
    case kPresContext_BidiDirection:
      return mPrefBidiDirection;
      NS_ERROR("invalid arg passed to GetCachedIntPref");

    return false;

   * Get the default colors
  const nscolor DefaultColor() const { return mDefaultColor; }
  const nscolor DefaultBackgroundColor() const { return mBackgroundColor; }
  const nscolor DefaultLinkColor() const { return mLinkColor; }
  const nscolor DefaultActiveLinkColor() const { return mActiveLinkColor; }
  const nscolor DefaultVisitedLinkColor() const { return mVisitedLinkColor; }
  const nscolor FocusBackgroundColor() const { return mFocusBackgroundColor; }
  const nscolor FocusTextColor() const { return mFocusTextColor; }

   * Body text color, for use in quirks mode only.
  const nscolor BodyTextColor() const { return mBodyTextColor; }
  void SetBodyTextColor(nscolor aColor) { mBodyTextColor = aColor; }

  bool GetUseFocusColors() const { return mUseFocusColors; }
  PRUint8 FocusRingWidth() const { return mFocusRingWidth; }
  bool GetFocusRingOnAnything() const { return mFocusRingOnAnything; }
  PRUint8 GetFocusRingStyle() const { return mFocusRingStyle; }

   * The types of image load types that the pres context needs image
   * loaders to track invalidation for.
  enum ImageLoadType {

   * Set the list of image loaders that track invalidation for a
   * specific frame and type of image.  This list will replace any
   * previous list for that frame and image type (and null will remove
   * any previous list).
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetImageLoaders(nsIFrame* aTargetFrame,
                                   ImageLoadType aType,
                                   nsImageLoader* aImageLoaders);

   * Make an appropriate SetImageLoaders call (including potentially
   * with null aImageLoaders) given that aFrame draws its background
   * based on aStyleBackground.
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetupBackgroundImageLoaders(nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                               const nsStyleBackground*

   * Make an appropriate SetImageLoaders call (including potentially
   * with null aImageLoaders) given that aFrame draws its border
   * based on aStyleBorder.
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetupBorderImageLoaders(nsIFrame* aFrame,
                                           const nsStyleBorder* aStyleBorder);

   * This method is called when a frame is being destroyed to
   * ensure that the image loads get disassociated from the prescontext
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) StopImagesFor(nsIFrame* aTargetFrame);

  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetContainer(nsISupports* aContainer);

  virtual NS_HIDDEN_(already_AddRefed<nsISupports>) GetContainerExternal() const;
  NS_HIDDEN_(already_AddRefed<nsISupports>) GetContainerInternal() const;
  already_AddRefed<nsISupports> GetContainer() const
  { return GetContainerInternal(); }
  already_AddRefed<nsISupports> GetContainer() const
  { return GetContainerExternal(); }

  // XXX this are going to be replaced with set/get container
  void SetLinkHandler(nsILinkHandler* aHandler) { mLinkHandler = aHandler; }
  nsILinkHandler* GetLinkHandler() { return mLinkHandler; }

   * Get the visible area associated with this presentation context.
   * This is the size of the visible area that is used for
   * presenting the document. The returned value is in the standard
   * nscoord units (as scaled by the device context).
  nsRect GetVisibleArea() { return mVisibleArea; }

   * Set the currently visible area. The units for r are standard
   * nscoord units (as scaled by the device context).
  void SetVisibleArea(const nsRect& r) {
    if (!r.IsEqualEdges(mVisibleArea)) {
      mVisibleArea = r;
      // Visible area does not affect media queries when paginated.
      if (!IsPaginated() && HasCachedStyleData())

   * Return true if this presentation context is a paginated
   * context.
  bool IsPaginated() const { return mPaginated; }
   * Sets whether the presentation context can scroll for a paginated
   * context.
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetPaginatedScrolling(bool aResult);

   * Return true if this presentation context can scroll for paginated
   * context.
  bool HasPaginatedScrolling() const { return mCanPaginatedScroll; }

   * Get/set the size of a page
  nsSize GetPageSize() { return mPageSize; }
  void SetPageSize(nsSize aSize) { mPageSize = aSize; }

   * Get/set whether this document should be treated as having real pages
   * XXX This raises the obvious question of why a document that isn't a page
   *     is paginated; there isn't a good reason except history
  bool IsRootPaginatedDocument() { return mIsRootPaginatedDocument; }
  void SetIsRootPaginatedDocument(bool aIsRootPaginatedDocument)
    { mIsRootPaginatedDocument = aIsRootPaginatedDocument; }

  * Get/set the print scaling level; used by nsPageFrame to scale up
  * pages.  Set safe to call before reflow, get guaranteed to be set
  * properly after reflow.

  float GetPageScale() { return mPageScale; }
  void SetPageScale(float aScale) { mPageScale = aScale; }

  * Get/set the scaling facor to use when rendering the pages for print preview.
  * Only safe to get after print preview set up; safe to set anytime.
  * This is a scaling factor for the display of the print preview.  It
  * does not affect layout.  It only affects the size of the onscreen pages
  * in print preview.
  * XXX Temporary: see
  float GetPrintPreviewScale() { return mPPScale; }
  void SetPrintPreviewScale(float aScale) { mPPScale = aScale; }

  nsDeviceContext* DeviceContext() { return mDeviceContext; }
  nsEventStateManager* EventStateManager() { return mEventManager; }
  nsIAtom* GetLanguageFromCharset() { return mLanguage; }

  float TextZoom() { return mTextZoom; }
  void SetTextZoom(float aZoom) {
    if (aZoom == mTextZoom)

    mTextZoom = aZoom;
    if (HasCachedStyleData()) {
      // Media queries could have changed since we changed the meaning
      // of 'em' units in them.

  PRInt32 MinFontSize() const {
    return NS_MAX(mMinFontSize, mMinimumFontSizePref);

  void SetMinFontSize(PRInt32 aMinFontSize) {
    if (aMinFontSize == mMinFontSize)

    mMinFontSize = aMinFontSize;
    if (HasCachedStyleData()) {
      // Media queries could have changed since we changed the meaning
      // of 'em' units in them.

  float GetFullZoom() { return mFullZoom; }
  void SetFullZoom(float aZoom);

  nscoord GetAutoQualityMinFontSize() {
    return DevPixelsToAppUnits(mAutoQualityMinFontSizePixelsPref);
  static PRInt32 AppUnitsPerCSSPixel() { return nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSPixel(); }
  PRUint32 AppUnitsPerDevPixel() const  { return mDeviceContext->AppUnitsPerDevPixel(); }
  static PRInt32 AppUnitsPerCSSInch() { return nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSInch(); }

  static nscoord CSSPixelsToAppUnits(PRInt32 aPixels)
  { return NSIntPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels,
                                 nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSPixel()); }

  static nscoord CSSPixelsToAppUnits(float aPixels)
  { return NSFloatPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels,
             float(nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSPixel())); }

  static PRInt32 AppUnitsToIntCSSPixels(nscoord aAppUnits)
  { return NSAppUnitsToIntPixels(aAppUnits,
             float(nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSPixel())); }

  static float AppUnitsToFloatCSSPixels(nscoord aAppUnits)
  { return NSAppUnitsToFloatPixels(aAppUnits,
             float(nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSPixel())); }

  nscoord DevPixelsToAppUnits(PRInt32 aPixels) const
  { return NSIntPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels,
                                 mDeviceContext->AppUnitsPerDevPixel()); }

  PRInt32 AppUnitsToDevPixels(nscoord aAppUnits) const
  { return NSAppUnitsToIntPixels(aAppUnits,
             float(mDeviceContext->AppUnitsPerDevPixel())); }

  PRInt32 CSSPixelsToDevPixels(PRInt32 aPixels)
  { return AppUnitsToDevPixels(CSSPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels)); }

  float CSSPixelsToDevPixels(float aPixels)
    return NSAppUnitsToFloatPixels(CSSPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels),

  PRInt32 DevPixelsToIntCSSPixels(PRInt32 aPixels)
  { return AppUnitsToIntCSSPixels(DevPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels)); }

  float DevPixelsToFloatCSSPixels(PRInt32 aPixels)
  { return AppUnitsToFloatCSSPixels(DevPixelsToAppUnits(aPixels)); }

  // If there is a remainder, it is rounded to nearest app units.
  nscoord GfxUnitsToAppUnits(gfxFloat aGfxUnits) const
  { return mDeviceContext->GfxUnitsToAppUnits(aGfxUnits); }

  gfxFloat AppUnitsToGfxUnits(nscoord aAppUnits) const
  { return mDeviceContext->AppUnitsToGfxUnits(aAppUnits); }

  gfxRect AppUnitsToGfxUnits(const nsRect& aAppRect) const
  { return gfxRect(AppUnitsToGfxUnits(aAppRect.x),
                   AppUnitsToGfxUnits(aAppRect.height)); }

  static nscoord CSSTwipsToAppUnits(float aTwips)
  { return NSToCoordRoundWithClamp(
      nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSInch() * NS_TWIPS_TO_INCHES(aTwips)); }

  // Margin-specific version, since they often need TwipsToAppUnits
  static nsMargin CSSTwipsToAppUnits(const nsIntMargin &marginInTwips)
  { return nsMargin(CSSTwipsToAppUnits(float(marginInTwips.left)), 
                    CSSTwipsToAppUnits(float(marginInTwips.bottom))); }

  static nscoord CSSPointsToAppUnits(float aPoints)
  { return NSToCoordRound(aPoints * nsDeviceContext::AppUnitsPerCSSInch() /
                          POINTS_PER_INCH_FLOAT); }

  nscoord RoundAppUnitsToNearestDevPixels(nscoord aAppUnits) const
  { return DevPixelsToAppUnits(AppUnitsToDevPixels(aAppUnits)); }

  struct ScrollbarStyles {
    PRUint8 mHorizontal, mVertical;
    ScrollbarStyles(PRUint8 h, PRUint8 v) : mHorizontal(h), mVertical(v) {}
    ScrollbarStyles() {}
    bool operator==(const ScrollbarStyles& aStyles) const {
      return aStyles.mHorizontal == mHorizontal && aStyles.mVertical == mVertical;
    bool operator!=(const ScrollbarStyles& aStyles) const {
      return aStyles.mHorizontal != mHorizontal || aStyles.mVertical != mVertical;
  void SetViewportOverflowOverride(PRUint8 aX, PRUint8 aY)
    mViewportStyleOverflow.mHorizontal = aX;
    mViewportStyleOverflow.mVertical = aY;
  ScrollbarStyles GetViewportOverflowOverride()
    return mViewportStyleOverflow;

   * Set and get methods for controlling the background drawing
  bool GetBackgroundImageDraw() const { return mDrawImageBackground; }
  void   SetBackgroundImageDraw(bool aCanDraw)
    mDrawImageBackground = aCanDraw;

  bool GetBackgroundColorDraw() const { return mDrawColorBackground; }
  void   SetBackgroundColorDraw(bool aCanDraw)
    mDrawColorBackground = aCanDraw;

#ifdef IBMBIDI
   *  Check if bidi enabled (set depending on the presence of RTL
   *  characters or when default directionality is RTL).
   *  If enabled, we should apply the Unicode Bidi Algorithm
   *  @lina 07/12/2000
  virtual bool BidiEnabledExternal() const { return BidiEnabledInternal(); }
  bool BidiEnabledInternal() const { return Document()->GetBidiEnabled(); }
  bool BidiEnabled() const { return BidiEnabledInternal(); }
  bool BidiEnabled() const { return BidiEnabledExternal(); }

   *  Set bidi enabled. This means we should apply the Unicode Bidi Algorithm
   *  @lina 07/12/2000
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetBidiEnabled() const;

   *  Set visual or implicit mode into the pres context.
   *  Visual directionality is a presentation method that displays text
   *  as if it were a uni-directional, according to the primary display
   *  direction only. 
   *  Implicit directionality is a presentation method in which the
   *  direction is determined by the Bidi algorithm according to the
   *  category of the characters and the category of the adjacent
   *  characters, and according to their primary direction.
   *  @lina 05/02/2000
  void SetVisualMode(bool aIsVisual)
    mIsVisual = aIsVisual;

   *  Check whether the content should be treated as visual.
   *  @lina 05/02/2000
  bool IsVisualMode() const { return mIsVisual; }


   * Set the Bidi options for the presentation context
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetBidi(PRUint32 aBidiOptions,
                           bool aForceRestyle = false);

   * Get the Bidi options for the presentation context
   * Not inline so consumers of nsPresContext are not forced to
   * include nsIDocument.
  NS_HIDDEN_(PRUint32) GetBidi() const;
#endif // IBMBIDI

   * Render only Selection
  void SetIsRenderingOnlySelection(bool aResult)
    mIsRenderingOnlySelection = aResult;

  bool IsRenderingOnlySelection() const { return mIsRenderingOnlySelection; }

  NS_HIDDEN_(bool) IsTopLevelWindowInactive();

   * Obtain a native them for rendering our widgets (both form controls and html)
  NS_HIDDEN_(nsITheme*) GetTheme();

   * Notify the pres context that the theme has changed.  An internal switch
   * means it's one of our Mozilla themes that changed (e.g., Modern to Classic).
   * Otherwise, the OS is telling us that the native theme for the platform
   * has changed.
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) ThemeChanged();

   * Notify the pres context that a system color has changed
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SysColorChanged();

  /** Printing methods below should only be used for Medium() == print **/
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetPrintSettings(nsIPrintSettings *aPrintSettings);

  nsIPrintSettings* GetPrintSettings() { return mPrintSettings; }

  /* Accessor for table of frame properties */
  FramePropertyTable* PropertyTable() { return &mPropertyTable; }

  /* Helper function that ensures that this prescontext is shown in its
     docshell if it's the most recent prescontext for the docshell.  Returns
     whether the prescontext is now being shown.
  NS_HIDDEN_(bool) EnsureVisible();
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) CountReflows(const char * aName,
                                nsIFrame * aFrame);

   * This table maps border-width enums 'thin', 'medium', 'thick'
   * to actual nscoord values.
  const nscoord* GetBorderWidthTable() { return mBorderWidthTable; }

  bool IsDynamic() { return (mType == eContext_PageLayout || mType == eContext_Galley); }
  bool IsScreen() { return (mMedium == nsGkAtoms::screen ||
                              mType == eContext_PageLayout ||
                              mType == eContext_PrintPreview); }

  // Is this presentation in a chrome docshell?
  bool IsChrome() const
    return mIsChromeIsCached ? mIsChrome : IsChromeSlow();

  virtual void InvalidateIsChromeCacheExternal();
  void InvalidateIsChromeCacheInternal() { mIsChromeIsCached = false; }
  void InvalidateIsChromeCache()
  { InvalidateIsChromeCacheInternal(); }
  void InvalidateIsChromeCache()
  { InvalidateIsChromeCacheExternal(); }

  // Public API for native theme code to get style internals.
  virtual bool HasAuthorSpecifiedRules(nsIFrame *aFrame, PRUint32 ruleTypeMask) const;

  // Is it OK to let the page specify colors and backgrounds?
  bool UseDocumentColors() const {
    return GetCachedBoolPref(kPresContext_UseDocumentColors) || IsChrome();

  bool             SupressingResizeReflow() const { return mSupressResizeReflow; }
  virtual NS_HIDDEN_(gfxUserFontSet*) GetUserFontSetExternal();
  NS_HIDDEN_(gfxUserFontSet*) GetUserFontSetInternal();
  gfxUserFontSet* GetUserFontSet() { return GetUserFontSetInternal(); }
  gfxUserFontSet* GetUserFontSet() { return GetUserFontSetExternal(); }

  void FlushUserFontSet();
  void RebuildUserFontSet(); // asynchronously

  // Should be called whenever the set of fonts available in the user
  // font set changes (e.g., because a new font loads, or because the
  // user font set is changed and fonts become unavailable).
  void UserFontSetUpdated();

  // Ensure that it is safe to hand out CSS rules outside the layout
  // engine by ensuring that all CSS style sheets have unique inners
  // and, if necessary, synchronously rebuilding all style data.
  // Returns true on success and false on failure (not safe).
  bool EnsureSafeToHandOutCSSRules();

  void NotifyInvalidation(const nsRect& aRect, PRUint32 aFlags);
  void NotifyDidPaintForSubtree();
  void FireDOMPaintEvent();

  bool IsDOMPaintEventPending() {
    return !mInvalidateRequests.mRequests.IsEmpty();
  void ClearMozAfterPaintEvents() {

  bool IsProcessingRestyles() const {
    return mProcessingRestyles;

  void SetProcessingRestyles(bool aProcessing) {
    NS_ASSERTION(aProcessing != bool(mProcessingRestyles),
                 "should never nest");
    mProcessingRestyles = aProcessing;

  bool IsProcessingAnimationStyleChange() const {
    return mProcessingAnimationStyleChange;

  void SetProcessingAnimationStyleChange(bool aProcessing) {
    NS_ASSERTION(aProcessing != bool(mProcessingAnimationStyleChange),
                 "should never nest");
    mProcessingAnimationStyleChange = aProcessing;

   * Notify the prescontext that the presshell is about to reflow a reflow root.
   * The single argument indicates whether this reflow should be interruptible.
   * If aInterruptible is false then CheckForInterrupt and HasPendingInterrupt
   * will always return false. If aInterruptible is true then CheckForInterrupt
   * will return true when a pending event is detected.  This is for use by the
   * presshell only.  Reflow code wanting to prevent interrupts should use
   * InterruptPreventer.
  void ReflowStarted(bool aInterruptible);

   * A class that can be used to temporarily disable reflow interruption.
  class InterruptPreventer;
  friend class InterruptPreventer;
  class NS_STACK_CLASS InterruptPreventer {
    InterruptPreventer(nsPresContext* aCtx) :
      mCtx->mInterruptsEnabled = false;
      mCtx->mHasPendingInterrupt = false;
    ~InterruptPreventer() {
      mCtx->mInterruptsEnabled = mInterruptsEnabled;
      mCtx->mHasPendingInterrupt = mHasPendingInterrupt;

    nsPresContext* mCtx;
    bool mInterruptsEnabled;
    bool mHasPendingInterrupt;
   * Check for interrupts. This may return true if a pending event is
   * detected. Once it has returned true, it will keep returning true
   * until ReflowStarted is called. In all cases where this returns true,
   * the passed-in frame (which should be the frame whose reflow will be
   * interrupted if true is returned) will be passed to
   * nsIPresShell::FrameNeedsToContinueReflow.
  bool CheckForInterrupt(nsIFrame* aFrame);
   * Returns true if CheckForInterrupt has returned true since the last
   * ReflowStarted call. Cannot itself trigger an interrupt check.
  bool HasPendingInterrupt() { return mHasPendingInterrupt; }

   * If we have a presshell, and if the given content's current
   * document is the same as our presshell's document, return the
   * content's primary frame.  Otherwise, return null.  Only use this
   * if you care about which presshell the primary frame is in.
  nsIFrame* GetPrimaryFrameFor(nsIContent* aContent) {
    NS_PRECONDITION(aContent, "Don't do that");
    if (GetPresShell() &&
        GetPresShell()->GetDocument() == aContent->GetCurrentDoc()) {
      return aContent->GetPrimaryFrame();
    return nsnull;

  void NotifyDestroyingFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame)
  inline void ForgetUpdatePluginGeometryFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame);

  void DestroyImageLoaders();

  bool GetContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame()
    return mContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame;

  void SetContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame(bool aValue)
    mContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame = aValue;

  bool MayHaveFixedBackgroundFrames() { return mMayHaveFixedBackgroundFrames; }
  void SetHasFixedBackgroundFrame() { mMayHaveFixedBackgroundFrames = true; }

  virtual NS_MUST_OVERRIDE size_t
        SizeOfExcludingThis(nsMallocSizeOfFun aMallocSizeOf) const {
    // XXX: lots of things hang off nsPresContext and should be included in
    // this measurement.  Bug 671299 may add them.
    return 0;
  virtual NS_MUST_OVERRIDE size_t
        SizeOfIncludingThis(nsMallocSizeOfFun aMallocSizeOf) const {
    return aMallocSizeOf(this, sizeof(nsPresContext)) +

  bool IsRootContentDocument();

  friend class nsRunnableMethod<nsPresContext>;
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) ThemeChangedInternal();
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SysColorChangedInternal();

  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetImgAnimations(nsIContent *aParent, PRUint16 aMode);
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) SetSMILAnimations(nsIDocument *aDoc, PRUint16 aNewMode,
                                     PRUint16 aOldMode);
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) GetDocumentColorPreferences();

  NS_HIDDEN_(void) PreferenceChanged(const char* aPrefName);
  static NS_HIDDEN_(int) PrefChangedCallback(const char*, void*);

  NS_HIDDEN_(void) UpdateAfterPreferencesChanged();
  static NS_HIDDEN_(void) PrefChangedUpdateTimerCallback(nsITimer *aTimer, void *aClosure);

  NS_HIDDEN_(void) GetUserPreferences();
  NS_HIDDEN_(void) GetFontPreferences();

  NS_HIDDEN_(void) UpdateCharSet(const nsCString& aCharSet);

  void DoChangeCharSet(const nsCString& aCharSet);

  void InvalidateThebesLayers();
  void AppUnitsPerDevPixelChanged();

  bool MayHavePaintEventListener();

  void HandleRebuildUserFontSet() {
    mPostedFlushUserFontSet = false;

  bool HavePendingInputEvent();

  // Can't be inline because we can't include nsStyleSet.h.
  bool HasCachedStyleData();

  bool IsChromeSlow() const;

  // IMPORTANT: The ownership implicit in the following member variables
  // has been explicitly checked.  If you add any members to this class,
  // please make the ownership explicit (pinkerton, scc).
  nsPresContextType     mType;
  nsIPresShell*         mShell;         // [WEAK]
  nsCOMPtr<nsIDocument> mDocument;
  nsDeviceContext*     mDeviceContext; // [STRONG] could be weak, but
                                        // better safe than sorry.
                                        // Cannot reintroduce cycles
                                        // since there is no dependency
                                        // from gfx back to layout.
  nsEventStateManager* mEventManager;   // [STRONG]
  nsRefPtr<nsRefreshDriver> mRefreshDriver;
  nsRefPtr<nsTransitionManager> mTransitionManager;
  nsRefPtr<nsAnimationManager> mAnimationManager;
  nsIAtom*              mMedium;        // initialized by subclass ctors;
                                        // weak pointer to static atom

  nsILinkHandler*       mLinkHandler;   // [WEAK]

  // Formerly mLangGroup; moving from charset-oriented langGroup to
  // maintaining actual language settings everywhere (see bug 524107).
  // This may in fact hold a langGroup such as x-western rather than
  // a specific language, however (e.g, if it is inferred from the
  // charset rather than explicitly specified as a lang attribute).
  nsIAtom*              mLanguage;      // [STRONG]

  nsRefPtrHashtable<nsVoidPtrHashKey, nsImageLoader>

  nsWeakPtr             mContainer;

  PRCList               mDOMMediaQueryLists;

  PRInt32               mMinFontSize;   // Min font size, defaults to 0
  float                 mTextZoom;      // Text zoom, defaults to 1.0
  float                 mFullZoom;      // Page zoom, defaults to 1.0

  PRInt32               mCurAppUnitsPerDevPixel;
  PRInt32               mAutoQualityMinFontSizePixelsPref;

  nsCOMPtr<nsITheme> mTheme;
  nsCOMPtr<nsILanguageAtomService> mLangService;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIPrintSettings> mPrintSettings;
  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer>    mPrefChangedTimer;

  FramePropertyTable    mPropertyTable;

  nsInvalidateRequestList mInvalidateRequests;

  // container for per-context fonts (downloadable, SVG, etc.)
  nsUserFontSet*        mUserFontSet;
  PRInt32               mFontScaler;
  nscoord               mMinimumFontSizePref;

  nsRect                mVisibleArea;
  nsSize                mPageSize;
  float                 mPageScale;
  float                 mPPScale;

  nscolor               mDefaultColor;
  nscolor               mBackgroundColor;

  nscolor               mLinkColor;
  nscolor               mActiveLinkColor;
  nscolor               mVisitedLinkColor;

  nscolor               mFocusBackgroundColor;
  nscolor               mFocusTextColor;

  nscolor               mBodyTextColor;

  ScrollbarStyles       mViewportStyleOverflow;
  PRUint8               mFocusRingWidth;

  PRUint16              mImageAnimationMode;
  PRUint16              mImageAnimationModePref;

  nsFont                mDefaultVariableFont;
  nsFont                mDefaultFixedFont;
  nsFont                mDefaultSerifFont;
  nsFont                mDefaultSansSerifFont;
  nsFont                mDefaultMonospaceFont;
  nsFont                mDefaultCursiveFont;
  nsFont                mDefaultFantasyFont;

  nscoord               mBorderWidthTable[3];

  PRUint32              mInterruptChecksToSkip;

  mozilla::TimeStamp    mReflowStartTime;

  unsigned              mHasPendingInterrupt : 1;
  unsigned              mInterruptsEnabled : 1;
  unsigned              mUseDocumentFonts : 1;
  unsigned              mUseDocumentColors : 1;
  unsigned              mUnderlineLinks : 1;
  unsigned              mSendAfterPaintToContent : 1;
  unsigned              mUseFocusColors : 1;
  unsigned              mFocusRingOnAnything : 1;
  unsigned              mFocusRingStyle : 1;
  unsigned              mDrawImageBackground : 1;
  unsigned              mDrawColorBackground : 1;
  unsigned              mNeverAnimate : 1;
  unsigned              mIsRenderingOnlySelection : 1;
  unsigned              mPaginated : 1;
  unsigned              mCanPaginatedScroll : 1;
  unsigned              mDoScaledTwips : 1;
  unsigned              mEnableJapaneseTransform : 1;
  unsigned              mIsRootPaginatedDocument : 1;
  unsigned              mPrefBidiDirection : 1;
  unsigned              mPrefScrollbarSide : 2;
  unsigned              mPendingSysColorChanged : 1;
  unsigned              mPendingThemeChanged : 1;
  unsigned              mPendingMediaFeatureValuesChanged : 1;
  unsigned              mPrefChangePendingNeedsReflow : 1;
  unsigned              mMayHaveFixedBackgroundFrames : 1;

  // Is the current mUserFontSet valid?
  unsigned              mUserFontSetDirty : 1;
  // Has GetUserFontSet() been called?
  unsigned              mGetUserFontSetCalled : 1;
  // Do we currently have an event posted to call FlushUserFontSet?
  unsigned              mPostedFlushUserFontSet : 1;

  // resize reflow is suppressed when the only change has been to zoom
  // the document rather than to change the document's dimensions
  unsigned              mSupressResizeReflow : 1;

  unsigned              mIsVisual : 1;

  unsigned              mProcessingRestyles : 1;
  unsigned              mProcessingAnimationStyleChange : 1;

  unsigned              mContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame : 1;
  unsigned              mFireAfterPaintEvents : 1;

  // Cache whether we are chrome or not because it is expensive.  
  // mIsChromeIsCached tells us if mIsChrome is valid or we need to get the
  // value the slow way.
  mutable unsigned      mIsChromeIsCached : 1;
  mutable unsigned      mIsChrome : 1;

#ifdef DEBUG
  bool                  mInitialized;


  virtual ~nsPresContext() NS_HIDDEN;

  // these are private, use the list in nsFont.h if you want a public list
  enum {

#ifdef DEBUG
  friend struct nsAutoLayoutPhase;
  PRUint32 mLayoutPhaseCount[eLayoutPhase_COUNT];
  PRUint32 LayoutPhaseCount(nsLayoutPhase aPhase) {
    return mLayoutPhaseCount[aPhase];


class nsRootPresContext : public nsPresContext {
  nsRootPresContext(nsIDocument* aDocument, nsPresContextType aType) NS_HIDDEN;
  virtual ~nsRootPresContext();

   * Ensure that NotifyDidPaintForSubtree is eventually called on this
   * object after a timeout.
  void EnsureEventualDidPaintEvent();

  void CancelDidPaintTimer()
    if (mNotifyDidPaintTimer) {
      mNotifyDidPaintTimer = nsnull;

   * Registers a plugin to receive geometry updates (position and clip
   * region) so it can update its widget.
   * Callers must call UnregisterPluginForGeometryUpdates before
   * the aPlugin frame is destroyed.
  void RegisterPluginForGeometryUpdates(nsObjectFrame* aPlugin);
   * Stops a plugin receiving geometry updates (position and clip
   * region). If the plugin was not already registered, this does
   * nothing.
  void UnregisterPluginForGeometryUpdates(nsObjectFrame* aPlugin);

   * Iterate through all plugins that are registered for geometry updates
   * and update their position and clip region to match the current frame
   * tree.
  void UpdatePluginGeometry();

   * Iterate through all plugins that are registered for geometry updates
   * and compute their position and clip region according to the
   * current frame tree. Only frames at or under aChangedRoot can have
   * changed their geometry. The computed positions and clip regions are
   * appended to aConfigurations.
  void GetPluginGeometryUpdates(nsIFrame* aChangedRoot,
                                nsTArray<nsIWidget::Configuration>* aConfigurations);

   * When all geometry updates have been applied, call this function
   * in case the nsObjectFrames have work to do after the widgets
   * have been updated.
  void DidApplyPluginGeometryUpdates();

  virtual bool IsRoot() { return true; }

   * Call this after reflow and scrolling to ensure that the geometry
   * of any windowed plugins is updated. aFrame is the root of the
   * frame subtree whose geometry has changed.
  void RequestUpdatePluginGeometry(nsIFrame* aFrame);

   * Call this when a frame is being destroyed and
   * mContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame is set in the frame's prescontext.
  void RootForgetUpdatePluginGeometryFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame);

   * Call this when a document is going to no longer be valid for plugin updates
   * (say by going into the bfcache). If mContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame is
   * set in the prescontext then it will be cleared along with
   * mUpdatePluginGeometryForFrame.
  void RootForgetUpdatePluginGeometryFrameForPresContext(nsPresContext* aPresContext);

   * Increment DOM-modification generation counter to indicate that
   * the DOM has changed in a way that might lead to style changes/
   * reflows/frame creation and destruction.
  void IncrementDOMGeneration() { mDOMGeneration++; }

   * Get the current DOM generation counter.
  PRUint32 GetDOMGeneration() { return mDOMGeneration; }

   * Add a runnable that will get called before the next paint. They will get
   * run eventually even if painting doesn't happen. They might run well before
   * painting happens.
  void AddWillPaintObserver(nsIRunnable* aRunnable);

   * Run all runnables that need to get called before the next paint.
  void FlushWillPaintObservers();

  virtual NS_MUST_OVERRIDE size_t
        SizeOfExcludingThis(nsMallocSizeOfFun aMallocSizeOf) const MOZ_OVERRIDE {
    // XXX: several things hang off an nsRootPresContext and should be included
    // in this measurement.  Bug 671299 may do this.
    return nsPresContext::SizeOfExcludingThis(aMallocSizeOf);
  virtual NS_MUST_OVERRIDE size_t
        SizeOfIncludingThis(nsMallocSizeOfFun aMallocSizeOf) const MOZ_OVERRIDE {
    return aMallocSizeOf(this, sizeof(nsRootPresContext)) +

  class RunWillPaintObservers : public nsRunnable {
    RunWillPaintObservers(nsRootPresContext* aPresContext) : mPresContext(aPresContext) {}
    void Revoke() { mPresContext = nsnull; }
    NS_IMETHOD Run()
      if (mPresContext) {
      return NS_OK;
    nsRootPresContext* mPresContext;

  friend class nsPresContext;
  void CancelUpdatePluginGeometryTimer()
    if (mUpdatePluginGeometryTimer) {
      mUpdatePluginGeometryTimer = nsnull;

  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mNotifyDidPaintTimer;
  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mUpdatePluginGeometryTimer;
  nsTHashtable<nsPtrHashKey<nsObjectFrame> > mRegisteredPlugins;
  // if mNeedsToUpdatePluginGeometry is set, then this is the frame to
  // use as the root of the subtree to search for plugin updates, or
  // null to use the root frame of this prescontext
  nsTArray<nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable> > mWillPaintObservers;
  nsRevocableEventPtr<RunWillPaintObservers> mWillPaintFallbackEvent;
  nsIFrame* mUpdatePluginGeometryForFrame;
  PRUint32 mDOMGeneration;
  bool mNeedsToUpdatePluginGeometry;

inline void
nsPresContext::ForgetUpdatePluginGeometryFrame(nsIFrame* aFrame)
  if (mContainsUpdatePluginGeometryFrame) {
    nsRootPresContext* rootPC = GetRootPresContext();
    if (rootPC) {


#define DO_GLOBAL_REFLOW_COUNT(_name) \
  aPresContext->CountReflows((_name), (nsIFrame*)this); 

#endif /* nsPresContext_h___ */