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more fonts for reftest testing

<?xml version="1.0"?>

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<?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://global/skin" type="text/css"?>

<window id="112564Test"
        title="112564 test">

  <script type="application/javascript"><![CDATA[
    const LISTEN_EVENTS = ["load", "unload", "pageshow", "pagehide"];

    var gBrowser;
    var gTestsIterator;
    var gExpected = [];

    function ok(condition, message) {
      window.opener.wrappedJSObject.SimpleTest.ok(condition, message);

    function is(a, b, message) {, b, message);

    function finish() {
      for each (let eventType in LISTEN_EVENTS) {
        gBrowser.removeEventListener(eventType, eventListener, true);

      // Work around bug 467960
      var history = gBrowser.webNavigation.sessionHistory;


    function onLoad() {
      gBrowser = document.getElementById("content");
      for each (let eventType in LISTEN_EVENTS) {
        gBrowser.addEventListener(eventType, eventListener, true);
      gTestsIterator = testsIterator();

    function eventListener(event) {
      ok(gExpected.length >= 1, "Unexpected event " + event.type);
      if (gExpected.length == 0) {
        // in case of unexpected event, try to continue anyway
        setTimeout(nextTest, 0);

      var exp = gExpected.shift();
      is(event.type, exp.type, "Invalid event received");
      if (typeof(exp.persisted) != "undefined") {
        is(event.persisted, exp.persisted, "Invalid persisted state");
      if (exp.title) {
        ok(event.originalTarget instanceof HTMLDocument,
           "originalTarget not a HTMLDocument");
        is(event.originalTarget.title, exp.title, "titles don't match");

      if (gExpected.length == 0) {
        setTimeout(nextTest, 0);

    function nextTest() {
      try {;
      } catch (err if err instanceof StopIteration) {

    function testsIterator() {
      // Load a secure page with a no-store header, followed by a simple page
      // On pagehide, first page should report it is not being persisted
      var test1DocURI = "";

      gExpected = [{type: "pagehide", persisted: true},
                   {type: "load", title: "test1"},
                   {type: "pageshow", title: "test1", persisted: false}];

      var test2Doc = "data:text/html,<html><head><title>test2</title></head>" +

      gExpected = [{type: "pagehide", title: "test1", persisted: false},
                   {type: "unload", title: "test1"},
                   {type: "load", title: "test2"},
                   {type: "pageshow", title: "test2", persisted: false}];

      // Now go back in history. First page should not have been cached.
      // Check persisted property to confirm
      gExpected = [{type: "pagehide", title: "test2", persisted: true},
                   {type: "load", title: "test1"},
                   {type: "pageshow", title: "test1", persisted: false}];

  <browser type="content-primary" flex="1" id="content" src="about:blank"/>