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Bug 825714: Refactor JS allocation routines to enable allocation on parallel threads, and move various ion fields into per-thread-data. r=billm More detailed: - A new routine JSObject::parExtendDenseArray() that permits parallel code to allocate a dense array on its own Allocator. - Create an allocation path in the GC for loading a fresh arena as needed (ArenaLists::parallelAllocate()). - Ensure that if GC is triggered during parallel execution, parallel execution is aborted and the request is deferred until parallel execution terminates. - Updates to the ForkJoin/ThreadPool so that they create their own Allocators as well as other misc API changes. - Moves some of the ion-related fields (e.g., |ionTop|) into perThreadData. - Remove out-of-date malloc tracking fields.

XULRunner is a package which can be used to run applications written in HTML
or XUL. It can also be used to embed the gecko rendering engine into
binary applications.

XULRunner is not a product; it is a tool which can be used to create products.
It is a byproduct of Firefox development and the Mozilla community does not
have a strong commitment to support XULRunner development apart from Firefox

For more information about using XULRunner or how to use this binary package,
see the Mozilla Developer Center article: