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Bug 456705 - Firefox crashes when opening a https-site or on shutdown with FoxyProxy 2.8.5 [@ nsSSLThread::Run], r=kaie

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#ifndef nsUnicodeToGB2312V2_h___
#define nsUnicodeToGB2312V2_h___

#include "nsUCSupport.h"
#include "gbku.h"

// Class nsUnicodeToGB2312V2 [declaration]

 * A character set converter from Unicode to GB2312.
 * @created         06/Apr/1999
 * @author  Catalin Rotaru [CATA]
class nsUnicodeToGB2312V2 : public nsEncoderSupport

   * Class constructor.


  NS_IMETHOD ConvertNoBuff(const PRUnichar * aSrc, 
                            PRInt32 * aSrcLength, 
                            char * aDest, 
                            PRInt32 * aDestLength);

  // Subclassing of nsEncoderSupport class [declaration]

  NS_IMETHOD ConvertNoBuffNoErr(const PRUnichar * aSrc, PRInt32 * aSrcLength, 
                                char * aDest, PRInt32 * aDestLength)
    return NS_OK;
  }   // just make it not abstract;

  NS_IMETHOD FillInfo(PRUint32 *aInfo);
  nsGBKConvUtil mUtil;

#endif /* nsUnicodeToGB2312V2_h___ */