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Bug 478625 - Visual fixes for new-tab button on linux. r=dao


This directory is for tools that facilitate the building of 
the mozilla source code (the browser, the sdks, etc.).

Table of Contents

* sync-all-configures
  Run from cron to generate configure on all desired branches.

* sync-configure
  Current script to generate configure from and check in.

* mozilla-src-tarball
  Used to create nightly tarball.

* gnome-tip-nightly
   A tcsh shell script to pull and build gnome packages from
   the gnome anonymous cvs server. This is useful for keeping
   the toolkits needed to build mozilla on unix up to date.
   Typical usage for mozilla prereq building:
      gnome-tip-nightly gtk+ /builds/gnome /usr/local --with-threads=posix
      gnome-tip-nightly glib /builds/gnome /usr/local --with-threads=posix

  A perl script to check the modules file for duplicates and syntax errors.
  Usage: CVSROOT/modules -v CVSROOT/modules (verbose: Print the modules out)