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Bug 478625 - Visual fixes for new-tab button on linux. r=dao

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#ifndef nsIRadioVisitor_h___
#define nsIRadioVisitor_h___

#include "nsISupports.h"
class nsIFormControl;

// IID for the nsIRadioControl interface
{ 0xd3494bd2, 0x1dd1, 0x11b2, \
  { 0xbe, 0x86, 0xb5, 0x08, 0xc8, 0x71, 0xd7, 0xc5 } }

 * This interface is used for the text control frame to store its value away
 * into the content.
class nsIRadioVisitor : public nsISupports {


   * Visit a node in the tree.  This is meant to be called on all radios in a
   * group, sequentially.  (Each radio group implementor may define
   * sequentially in their own way, it just has to be the same every time.)
   * Currently all radio groups are ordered in the order they appear in the
   * document.  Radio group implementors should honor the aStop parameter and
   * stop iterating over form controls when Visit() returns true there.
   * @param aRadio the radio button in question (must be nsnull and QI'able to
   *               nsIRadioControlElement)
   * @param aStop whether or not to stop iterating (out-param)
  NS_IMETHOD Visit(nsIFormControl* aRadio, PRBool* aStop) = 0;


 * This visitor sets CheckedChanged on all elements it finds.
 * @param aVisitor the visitor (out param)
 * @param aCheckedChanged the value of CheckedChanged to set on all elements
NS_GetRadioSetCheckedChangedVisitor(PRBool aCheckedChanged,
                                    nsIRadioVisitor** aVisitor);

 * This visitor will take the boolean you're pointing at and put
 * aCheckedChanged into it.  If the visitor is never called, aCheckedChanged
 * will of course not change.
 * @param aVisitor the visitor (out param)
 * @param aCheckedChanged the boolean to put CheckedChanged into
 * @param aExcludeElement the element 
NS_GetRadioGetCheckedChangedVisitor(PRBool* aCheckedChanged,
                                    nsIFormControl* aExcludeElement,
                                    nsIRadioVisitor** aVisitor);

#endif // nsIRadioVisitor_h___