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#ifndef nsIMM32Handler_h__
#define nsIMM32Handler_h__

#include "nscore.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsGUIEvent.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

class nsIWidget;
class nsWindow;
struct nsIntRect;


class nsIMEContext
  nsIMEContext(HWND aWnd) : mWnd(aWnd)
    mIMC = ::ImmGetContext(mWnd);

    if (mIMC) {
      ::ImmReleaseContext(mWnd, mIMC);
      mIMC = nsnull;

  HIMC get() const
    return mIMC;

  bool IsValid() const
    return !!mIMC;

    NS_ERROR("Don't create nsIMEContext without window handle");

  nsIMEContext(const nsIMEContext &aSrc) : mWnd(nsnull), mIMC(nsnull)
    NS_ERROR("Don't copy nsIMEContext");

  HWND mWnd;

class nsIMM32Handler
  static void Initialize();
  static void Terminate();
  // The result of Process* method mean "The message was processed, don't
  // process the message in the caller (nsWindow)" when it's TRUE.  At that
  // time, aEatMessage means that the message should be passed to next WndProc
  // when it's FALSE, otherwise, the message should be eaten by us.  When the
  // result is FALSE, aEatMessage doesn't have any meaning.  Then, the caller
  // should continue to process the message.
  static bool ProcessMessage(nsWindow* aWindow, UINT msg,
                               WPARAM &wParam, LPARAM &lParam,
                               LRESULT *aRetValue, bool &aEatMessage);
  static bool IsComposing()
    return IsComposingOnOurEditor() || IsComposingOnPlugin();
  static bool IsComposingOn(nsWindow* aWindow)
    return IsComposing() && IsComposingWindow(aWindow);
  static bool IsStatusChanged() { return sIsStatusChanged; }

  static bool IsDoingKakuteiUndo(HWND aWnd);

  static void NotifyEndStatusChange() { sIsStatusChanged = false; }

  static bool CanOptimizeKeyAndIMEMessages(MSG *aNextKeyOrIMEMessage);

#ifdef DEBUG
   * IsIMEAvailable() returns TRUE when current keyboard layout has IME.
   * Otherwise, FALSE.
  static bool IsIMEAvailable() { return sIsIME; }

  // If aForce is TRUE, these methods doesn't check whether we have composition
  // or not.  If you don't set it to TRUE, these method doesn't commit/cancel
  // the composition on uexpected window.
  static void CommitComposition(nsWindow* aWindow, bool aForce = false);
  static void CancelComposition(nsWindow* aWindow, bool aForce = false);

  static void EnsureHandlerInstance();

  static bool IsComposingOnOurEditor();
  static bool IsComposingOnPlugin();
  static bool IsComposingWindow(nsWindow* aWindow);

  static bool ShouldDrawCompositionStringOurselves();
  static void InitKeyboardLayout(HKL aKeyboardLayout);
  static UINT GetKeyboardCodePage();

   * Checks whether the window is top level window of the composing window.
   * In this method, the top level window means in all windows, not only in all
   * OUR windows.  I.e., if the aWindow is embedded, this always returns FALSE.
  static bool IsTopLevelWindowOfComposition(nsWindow* aWindow);

  static bool ProcessInputLangChangeMessage(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                              WPARAM wParam,
                                              LPARAM lParam,
                                              LRESULT *aRetValue,
                                              bool &aEatMessage);
  static bool ProcessMessageForPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow, UINT msg,
                                        WPARAM &wParam, LPARAM &lParam,
                                        LRESULT *aRetValue,
                                        bool &aEatMessage);


  // The result of following On*Event methods means "The message was processed,
  // don't process the message in the caller (nsWindow)".
  bool OnMouseEvent(nsWindow* aWindow, LPARAM lParam, int aAction);
  static bool OnKeyDownEvent(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,
                               bool &aEatMessage);

  // The result of On* methods mean "eat this message" when it's TRUE.
  bool OnIMEStartComposition(nsWindow* aWindow);
  bool OnIMEStartCompositionOnPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                       WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnIMEComposition(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnIMECompositionOnPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                  WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnIMEEndComposition(nsWindow* aWindow);
  bool OnIMEEndCompositionOnPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                     WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnIMERequest(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,
                      LRESULT *aResult);
  bool OnIMECharOnPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnChar(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnCharOnPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  bool OnInputLangChange(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);

  // These message handlers don't use instance members, we should not create
  // the instance by the messages.  So, they should be static.
  static bool OnIMEChar(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  static bool OnIMESetContext(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,
                                LRESULT *aResult);
  static bool OnIMESetContextOnPlugin(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                        WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,
                                        LRESULT *aResult);
  static bool OnIMECompositionFull(nsWindow* aWindow);
  static bool OnIMENotify(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
  static bool OnIMESelect(nsWindow* aWindow, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);

  // The result of Handle* method mean "Processed" when it's TRUE.
  void HandleStartComposition(nsWindow* aWindow,
                              const nsIMEContext &aIMEContext);
  bool HandleComposition(nsWindow* aWindow, const nsIMEContext &aIMEContext,
                           LPARAM lParam);
  void HandleEndComposition(nsWindow* aWindow);
  bool HandleReconvert(nsWindow* aWindow, LPARAM lParam, LRESULT *oResult);
  bool HandleQueryCharPosition(nsWindow* aWindow, LPARAM lParam,
                                 LRESULT *oResult);
  bool HandleDocumentFeed(nsWindow* aWindow, LPARAM lParam, LRESULT *oResult);

   *  When a window's IME context is activating but we have composition on
   *  another window, we should commit our composition because IME context is
   *  shared by all our windows (including plug-ins).
   *  @param aWindow is a new activated window.
   *  If aWindow is our composing window, this method does nothing.
   *  Otherwise, this commits the composition on the previous window.
   *  If this method did commit a composition, this returns TRUE.
  bool CommitCompositionOnPreviousWindow(nsWindow* aWindow);

   *  ResolveIMECaretPos
   *  Convert the caret rect of a composition event to another widget's
   *  coordinate system.
   *  @param aReferenceWidget The origin widget of aCursorRect.
   *                          Typically, this is mReferenceWidget of the
   *                          composing events. If the aCursorRect is in screen
   *                          coordinates, set nsnull.
   *  @param aCursorRect      The cursor rect.
   *  @param aNewOriginWidget aOutRect will be in this widget's coordinates. If
   *                          this is nsnull, aOutRect will be in screen
   *                          coordinates.
   *  @param aOutRect         The converted cursor rect.
  void ResolveIMECaretPos(nsIWidget* aReferenceWidget,
                          nsIntRect& aCursorRect,
                          nsIWidget* aNewOriginWidget,
                          nsIntRect& aOutRect);

  bool ConvertToANSIString(const nsAFlatString& aStr,
                             UINT aCodePage,
                             nsACString& aANSIStr);

  bool SetIMERelatedWindowsPos(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                 const nsIMEContext &aIMEContext);
  bool GetCharacterRectOfSelectedTextAt(nsWindow* aWindow,
                                          PRUint32 aOffset,
                                          nsIntRect &aCharRect);
  bool GetCaretRect(nsWindow* aWindow, nsIntRect &aCaretRect);
  void GetCompositionString(const nsIMEContext &aIMEContext, DWORD aIndex);
   *  Get the current target clause of composition string.
   *  If there are one or more characters whose attribute is ATTR_TARGET_*,
   *  this returns the first character's offset and its length.
   *  Otherwise, e.g., the all characters are ATTR_INPUT, this returns
   *  the composition string range because the all is the current target.
   *  aLength can be null (default), but aOffset must not be null.
   *  The aOffset value is offset in the contents.  So, when you need offset
   *  in the composition string, you need to subtract mCompositionStart from it.
  bool GetTargetClauseRange(PRUint32 *aOffset, PRUint32 *aLength = nsnull);
  void DispatchTextEvent(nsWindow* aWindow, const nsIMEContext &aIMEContext,
                         bool aCheckAttr = true);
  void SetTextRangeList(nsTArray<nsTextRange> &aTextRangeList);

  nsresult EnsureClauseArray(PRInt32 aCount);
  nsresult EnsureAttributeArray(PRInt32 aCount);

   * When WM_IME_CHAR is received and passed to DefWindowProc, we need to
   * record the messages.  In other words, we should record the messages
   * when we receive WM_IME_CHAR on windowless plug-in (if we have focus,
   * we always eat them).  When focus is moved from a windowless plug-in to
   * our window during composition, WM_IME_CHAR messages were received when
   * the plug-in has focus.  However, WM_CHAR messages are received after the
   * plug-in lost focus.  So, we need to ignore the WM_CHAR messages because
   * they make unexpected text input events on us.
  nsTArray<MSG> mPassedIMEChar;

  bool IsIMECharRecordsEmpty()
    return mPassedIMEChar.IsEmpty();
  void ResetIMECharRecords()
  void DequeueIMECharRecords(WPARAM &wParam, LPARAM &lParam)
    MSG msg = mPassedIMEChar.ElementAt(0);
    wParam = msg.wParam;
    lParam = msg.lParam;
  void EnqueueIMECharRecords(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
    MSG msg;
    msg.wParam = wParam;
    msg.lParam = lParam;

  nsWindow* mComposingWindow;
  nsString  mCompositionString;
  nsString  mLastDispatchedCompositionString;
  nsTArray<PRUint32> mClauseArray;
  nsTArray<PRUint8> mAttributeArray;

  PRInt32 mCursorPosition;
  PRUint32 mCompositionStart;

  bool mIsComposing;
  bool mIsComposingOnPlugin;
  bool mNativeCaretIsCreated;

  static bool sIsStatusChanged;
  static bool sIsIME;
  static bool sIsIMEOpening;

  static UINT sCodePage;
  static DWORD sIMEProperty;

#endif // nsIMM32Handler_h__