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Bug 391488: Eliminate PTRDIFF macro; delete jssttddef.h. r=jimb Delete jsstddef.h, since its only remaining purpose is to make certain Win16-specific definitions; we don't support Win16 any more. In particular, we can just subtract pointers now, so the PTRDIFF macro is unnecessary noise. Most places get stddef.h via jstypes.h or some other header, so we can just delete #inclusions of jstddef.h. The exception is jskwgen.h, so there we explicitly include <stddef.h> instead.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * nsIAccessibleProvider interface is used to link element and accessible
   object. For that XBL binding of element should implement the interface.

[scriptable, uuid(3f7f9194-c625-4a85-8148-6d92d34897fa)]
interface nsIAccessibleProvider : nsISupports
   * Constants set of common use.

  /** Do not create an accessible for this object
   * This is useful if an ancestor binding already implements nsIAccessibleProvider,
   * but no accessible is desired for the inheriting binding
  const long NoAccessible = 0;

  /** For elements that spawn a new document. For example now it is used by
    <xul:iframe>, <xul:browser> and <xul:editor>. */
  const long OuterDoc = 0x00000001;

   * Constants set is used by XUL controls.

  const long XULAlert = 0x00001001;
  const long XULButton = 0x00001002;
  const long XULCheckbox = 0x00001003;
  const long XULColorPicker = 0x00001004;
  const long XULColorPickerTile = 0x00001005;
  const long XULCombobox = 0x00001006;
  const long XULDropmarker = 0x00001007;
  const long XULGroupbox = 0x00001008;
  const long XULImage = 0x00001009;
  const long XULLink = 0x0000100A;
  const long XULListbox = 0x0000100B;
  const long XULListCell = 0x00001026;
  const long XULListHead = 0x00001024;
  const long XULListHeader = 0x00001025;
  const long XULListitem = 0x0000100C;
  const long XULMenubar = 0x0000100D;
  const long XULMenuitem = 0x0000100E;
  const long XULMenupopup = 0x0000100F;
  const long XULMenuSeparator = 0x00001010;
  const long XULPane    = 0x00001011;
  const long XULProgressMeter = 0x00001012;
  const long XULScale = 0x00001013;
  const long XULStatusBar = 0x00001014;
  const long XULRadioButton = 0x00001015;
  const long XULRadioGroup = 0x00001016;

  /** The single tab in a dialog or tabbrowser/editor interface */
  const long XULTab = 0x00001017;

  /** A combination of a tabs object and a tabpanels object */
  const long XULTabBox = 0x00001018;

  /** The collection of tab objects, useable in the TabBox and independant of
   as well */
  const long XULTabs = 0x00001019;

  const long XULText             = 0x0000101A;
  const long XULTextBox          = 0x0000101B;
  const long XULThumb            = 0x0000101C;
  const long XULTree             = 0x0000101D;
  const long XULTreeColumns      = 0x0000101E;
  const long XULTreeColumnItem   = 0x0000101F;
  const long XULToolbar          = 0x00001020;
  const long XULToolbarSeparator = 0x00001021;
  const long XULTooltip          = 0x00001022;
  const long XULToolbarButton    = 0x00001023;

   * Constants set is used by XForms elements.

  /** Used for xforms elements that provide accessible object for itself as
   * well for anonymous content. This property are used for upload,
   * input[type="xsd:gDay"] and input[type="xsd:gMonth"] */
  const long XFormsContainer = 0x00002000;

  /** Used for label element */
  const long XFormsLabel = 0x00002001;
  /** Used for output element */
  const long XFormsOuput = 0x00002002;
  /** Used for trigger and submit elements */
  const long XFormsTrigger = 0x00002003;
  /** Used for input and textarea elements */
  const long XFormsInput = 0x00002004;
  /** Used for input[xsd:boolean] element */
  const long XFormsInputBoolean = 0x00002005;
  /** Used for input[xsd:date] element */
  const long XFormsInputDate = 0x00002006;
  /** Used for secret element */
  const long XFormsSecret = 0x00002007;
  /** Used for range element represented by slider */
  const long XFormsSliderRange = 0x00002008;

  /** Used for select and select1 that are implemented using host document's
   * native widget. For example, a select1 in a xhtml document may be
   * represented by the native html control html:select */
  const long XFormsSelect = 0x00002009;
  /** Used for xforms choices element */
  const long XFormsChoices = 0x00002010;
  /** Used for xforms full select/select1 elements that may be represented by
   * group of checkboxes and radiogroup */
  const long XFormsSelectFull = 0x00002011;
  /** Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select elements
   * represented by group of checkboxes */
  const long XFormsItemCheckgroup = 0x00002012;
  /** Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select1 elements
   * represented by radio group */
  const long XFormsItemRadiogroup = 0x00002013;
  /** Used for xforms select1 element that is represented by combobox */
  const long XFormsSelectCombobox = 0x00002014;
  /** Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select1
   * elements represented by combobox */
  const long XFormsItemCombobox = 0x00002015;

  /** Used for dropmarker widget that is used by xforms elements */
  const long XFormsDropmarkerWidget = 0x00002101;
  /** Used for calendar widget that is used by xforms elements */
  const long XFormsCalendarWidget = 0x00002102;
  /** Used for popup widget that is used by xforms minimal select1 elements */
  const long XFormsComboboxPopupWidget = 0x00002103;

   * Return one of constants declared above.
  readonly attribute long accessibleType;