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Bug 391488: Eliminate PTRDIFF macro; delete jssttddef.h. r=jimb Delete jsstddef.h, since its only remaining purpose is to make certain Win16-specific definitions; we don't support Win16 any more. In particular, we can just subtract pointers now, so the PTRDIFF macro is unnecessary noise. Most places get stddef.h via jstypes.h or some other header, so we can just delete #inclusions of jstddef.h. The exception is jskwgen.h, so there we explicitly include <stddef.h> instead.

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DEPTH   = ../..
topsrcdir = @top_srcdir@
srcdir    = @srcdir@
VPATH   = @srcdir@

include $(DEPTH)/config/

ifeq ($(MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT),windows)
DIRS = msaa ia2

MODULE    = accessibility
XPIDL_MODULE= accessibility

      nsIAccessibleTypes.idl \
      nsIAccessibilityService.idl \
      nsIAccessibleRetrieval.idl \
      nsIAccessible.idl \
      nsIAccessibleRelation.idl \
      nsIAccessibleRole.idl \
      nsIAccessibleStates.idl \
      nsPIAccessible.idl \
      nsIAccessibleDocument.idl \
      nsPIAccessibleDocument.idl \
      nsIAccessibleProvider.idl \
      nsIAccessibleSelectable.idl \
      nsIAccessNode.idl \
      nsIAccessibleEvent.idl \
      nsIAccessibleEditableText.idl \
      nsIAccessibleHyperLink.idl \
      nsIAccessibleHyperText.idl \
      nsIAccessibleTable.idl \
      nsIAccessibleText.idl \
      nsIAccessibleValue.idl \
      nsIAccessibleImage.idl \

ifdef MOZ_XUL
      nsIAccessibleTreeCache.idl \

include $(topsrcdir)/config/