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#if !defined(nsHTMLVideoElement_h__)
#define nsHTMLVideoElement_h__

#include "nsIDOMHTMLVideoElement.h"
#include "nsHTMLMediaElement.h"

class nsHTMLVideoElement : public nsHTMLMediaElement,
                           public nsIDOMHTMLVideoElement
  nsHTMLVideoElement(already_AddRefed<nsINodeInfo> aNodeInfo);
  virtual ~nsHTMLVideoElement();

  static nsHTMLVideoElement* FromContent(nsIContent* aPossibleVideo)
    if (!aPossibleVideo || !aPossibleVideo->IsHTML(nsGkAtoms::video)) {
      return NULL;
    return static_cast<nsHTMLVideoElement*>(aPossibleVideo);

  // nsISupports

  // nsIDOMNode

  // nsIDOMElement

  // nsIDOMHTMLElement

  // nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement

  // nsIDOMHTMLVideoElement

  virtual bool ParseAttribute(PRInt32 aNamespaceID,
                                nsIAtom* aAttribute,
                                const nsAString& aValue,
                                nsAttrValue& aResult);
  NS_IMETHOD_(bool) IsAttributeMapped(const nsIAtom* aAttribute) const;
  virtual nsMapRuleToAttributesFunc GetAttributeMappingFunction() const;

  virtual nsresult Clone(nsINodeInfo *aNodeInfo, nsINode **aResult) const;

  // Returns the current video frame width and height.
  // If there is no video frame, returns the given default size.
  nsIntSize GetVideoSize(nsIntSize defaultSize);

  virtual nsresult SetAcceptHeader(nsIHttpChannel* aChannel);

  virtual nsXPCClassInfo* GetClassInfo();