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Bug 460635 - There should be one async execution thread per mozStorageConnection connection; v1.2; r=(bugmail + sdwilsh)

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#include <gfxFont.h>

class nsSystemFontsGTK2

    nsresult GetSystemFont(nsSystemFontID anID, nsString *aFontName,
                           gfxFontStyle *aFontStyle) const;


    nsresult GetSystemFontInfo(GtkWidget *aWidget, nsString *aFontName,
                               gfxFontStyle *aFontStyle) const;

     * The following system font constants exist:
     * css2:
     * eSystemFont_Caption, eSystemFont_Icon, eSystemFont_Menu,
     * eSystemFont_MessageBox, eSystemFont_SmallCaption,
     * eSystemFont_StatusBar,
     * // css3
     * eSystemFont_Window, eSystemFont_Document,
     * eSystemFont_Workspace, eSystemFont_Desktop,
     * eSystemFont_Info, eSystemFont_Dialog,
     * eSystemFont_Button, eSystemFont_PullDownMenu,
     * eSystemFont_List, eSystemFont_Field,
     * // moz
     * eSystemFont_Tooltips, eSystemFont_Widget
    nsString mDefaultFontName, mButtonFontName, mFieldFontName, mMenuFontName;
    gfxFontStyle mDefaultFontStyle, mButtonFontStyle, mFieldFontStyle, mMenuFontStyle;

#endif /* _NS_SYSTEMFONTSGTK2_H_ */