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Fix for bug 371594 - expose groupPosition for Gecko. r=aaronlev

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#include "mozIStorageStatement.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(02eeaf95-c3db-4182-9340-222c29f68f02)]
interface mozIStorageStatementRow : nsISupports {
  // magic interface we return that implements nsIXPCScriptable, to allow
  // for by-name access to rows

[scriptable, uuid(e65fe6e2-2643-463c-97e2-27665efe2386)]
interface mozIStorageStatementParams : nsISupports {
  // magic interface for parameter setting that implements nsIXPCScriptable.

[scriptable, uuid(eee6f7c9-5586-4eaf-b35c-dca987c4ffd1)]
interface mozIStorageStatementWrapper : nsISupports {
   * Initialize this wrapper with aStatement.
  void initialize(in mozIStorageStatement aStatement);

   * The statement that is wrapped.
  readonly attribute mozIStorageStatement statement;

   * Step, reset, and execute the wrapped statement.
  void reset();
  boolean step();
  void execute();

   * The current row.  Throws an exception if no row is currently
   * available.  Useful only from script.  The value of this is only
   * valid while the statement is still executing, and is still on the
   * appropriate row.
  readonly attribute mozIStorageStatementRow row;

   * The parameters; these can be set in lieu of using the call
   * notation on this.
  readonly attribute mozIStorageStatementParams params;