author Ralph Giles <>
Tue, 11 Oct 2011 13:50:38 +1300
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parent 22426 534ba368b35153a2b8446756b2bf7b17d85177b5
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Bug 677581 - Update libogg to upstream svn r18096. r=kinetik This is one revision ahead of the 1.3.0, after some whitespace fixes to the documentation. Since the last update, the major changes are do documentation, the addition of the ogg_stream_*_fill() calls which are important for controlling overhead and latency with newer codecs like theora and opus. The way configure generates config_types.h has also changed, making it more necessary to have platform-specific type definitions in os_types.h. The patch for Solaris support has been updated to support this.

# Usage: ./ <ogg_src_directory>
# Copies the needed files from a directory containing the original
# libogg source that we need for the Mozilla HTML5 media support.
cp $1/include/ogg/config_types.h ./include/ogg/config_types.h
cp $1/include/ogg/ogg.h ./include/ogg/ogg.h
cp $1/include/ogg/os_types.h ./include/ogg/os_types.h
cp $1/src/bitwise.c ./src/ogg_bitwise.c
cp $1/src/framing.c ./src/ogg_framing.c
patch -p0 < solaris-types.patch