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Bug 572034 - Use Linux x86_64 Y'CbCr routines on x86_64 OS X. Convert Linux routines to local asm labels. r=chris.double

This color conversion code is from the Chromium open source project available here:

The code comes from svn revision 40876.

The code was copied from a Chromium svn checkout using the '' script which then applies patches for our build and to add dynamic CPU detection.

convert.patch: Change Chromium code to build using Mozilla build system.
               Add runtime CPU detection for MMX
               Move default C implementation to work on all platforms.

picture_region.patch: Change Chromium code to allow a picture region.
                      The YUV conversion will convert within this 
                      picture region only.

remove_scale.patch: Removes Chromium scaling code.
export.patch: Fix export for building on comm-central
win64_mac64.patch: Fallback to C implementation on Windows and Mac OS X 64 bit
yv24.patch: Adds YCbCr 4:4:4 support
row_c_fix.patch: Fix broken C fallback code (See bug 561385).
bug572034_mac_64bit.patch: Fix x86_64 linux code so it works on OS X.