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Test landing bug 359716 again now that we've hopefully got provisional fixes for the ldap c-sdk code

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIAccessible;

[scriptable, uuid(0A7E98A9-CA7D-42F0-BFE1-2CFC35256038)]
interface nsIAccessibleTable : nsISupports
           attribute nsIAccessible       caption;
           attribute AString           summary;
  readonly attribute long                columns;
  readonly attribute nsIAccessibleTable  columnHeader;
  readonly attribute long                rows;
  readonly attribute nsIAccessibleTable  rowHeader;

  void getSelectedColumns (out unsigned long columnsSize,
          [retval, array, size_is(columnsSize)] out long columns);

  void getSelectedRows (out unsigned long rowsSize,
          [retval, array, size_is(rowsSize)] out long rows);

      * gets a cell
  nsIAccessible cellRefAt (in long row, in long column);

      * get an index
  long getIndexAt (in long row, in long column);
  long getColumnAtIndex (in long index);
  long getRowAtIndex (in long index);
  long getColumnExtentAt (in long row, in long column);
  long getRowExtentAt (in long row, in long column);

  AString getColumnDescription (in long column);
  AString getRowDescription (in long row);

  boolean isColumnSelected (in long column);
  boolean isRowSelected (in  long row);
  boolean isCellSelected (in long row, in long column);

    * Use heuristics to determine if table is most likely used for layout
  boolean isProbablyForLayout();