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Bug 564792 - Update libpng to version 1.4.3. r=joe

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#ident	"$Id: Makefile.targ,v 1.6 2005/02/25 20:20:52 christophe.ravel.bugs%sun.com Exp $"

include $(srcdir)/../proto64.mk

pkginfo: pkginfo.tmpl ../awk_pkginfo
	$(RM) $@; nawk -f ../awk_pkginfo $< > $@

pkg: $(PKGARCHIVE) prototype_$(MACH)
	cp $(srcdir)/prototype_com .
	cat $(srcdir)/prototype_$(MACH) | sed $(sed_proto64) > prototype_$(MACH)
	cp $(srcdir)/depend .
	pkgmk -f prototype_$(MACH) -d $(PKGARCHIVE) -r $(ROOT) -o $(PACKAGE)

	[ -d $(PKGARCHIVE) ] || mkdir -p $(PKGARCHIVE)

$(DATAFILES): %: $(srcdir)/../common_files/%
	$(RM) $@; cp $(srcdir)/../common_files/$@ $@

clobber clean::

.PHONY: pkg