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#ifndef mozilla_lazyidlethread_h__
#define mozilla_lazyidlethread_h__

#error "This header is only usable from within libxul (MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API)."

#include "nsIObserver.h"
#include "nsIThreadInternal.h"
#include "nsITimer.h"

#include "mozilla/Mutex.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsTArray.h"

#define IDLE_THREAD_TOPIC "thread-shutting-down"

namespace mozilla {

 * This class provides a basic event target that creates its thread lazily and
 * destroys its thread after a period of inactivity. It may be created on any
 * thread but it may only be used from the thread on which it is created. If it
 * is created on the main thread then it will automatically join its thread on
 * XPCOM shutdown using the Observer Service.
class LazyIdleThread : public nsIThread,
                       public nsITimerCallback,
                       public nsIThreadObserver,
                       public nsIObserver

  enum ShutdownMethod {
    AutomaticShutdown = 0,

   * Create a new LazyIdleThread that will destroy its thread after the given
   * number of milliseconds.
  LazyIdleThread(PRUint32 aIdleTimeoutMS,
                 ShutdownMethod aShutdownMethod = AutomaticShutdown,
                 nsIObserver* aIdleObserver = nsnull);

   * Add an observer that will be notified when the thread is idle and about to
   * be shut down. The aSubject argument can be QueryInterface'd to an nsIThread
   * that can be used to post cleanup events. The aTopic argument will be
   * IDLE_THREAD_TOPIC, and aData will be null. The LazyIdleThread does not add
   * a reference to the observer to avoid circular references as it is assumed
   * to be the owner. It is the caller's responsibility to clear this observer
   * if the pointer becomes invalid.
  void SetWeakIdleObserver(nsIObserver* aObserver);

   * Disable the idle timeout for this thread. No effect if the timeout is
   * already disabled.
  void DisableIdleTimeout();

   * Enable the idle timeout. No effect if the timeout is already enabled.
  void EnableIdleTimeout();

   * Calls Shutdown().

   * Called just before dispatching to mThread.
  void PreDispatch();

   * Makes sure a valid thread lives in mThread.
  nsresult EnsureThread();

   * Called on mThread to set up the thread observer.
  void InitThread();

   * Called on mThread to clean up the thread observer.
  void CleanupThread();

   * Called on the main thread when mThread believes itself to be idle. Sets up
   * the idle timer.
  void ScheduleTimer();

   * Called when we are shutting down mThread.
  nsresult ShutdownThread();

   * Deletes this object. Used to delay calling mThread->Shutdown() during the
   * final release (during a GC, for instance).
  void SelfDestruct();

   * Returns true if events should be queued rather than immediately dispatched
   * to mThread. Currently only happens when the thread is shutting down.
  bool UseRunnableQueue() {
    return !!mQueuedRunnables;

   * Protects data that is accessed on both threads.
  mozilla::Mutex mMutex;

   * Touched on both threads but set before mThread is created. Used to direct
   * timer events to the owning thread.
  nsCOMPtr<nsIThread> mOwningThread;

   * Only accessed on the owning thread. Set by EnsureThread().
  nsCOMPtr<nsIThread> mThread;

   * Protected by mMutex. Created when mThread has no pending events and fired
   * at mOwningThread. Any thread that dispatches to mThread will take ownership
   * of the timer and fire a separate cancel event to the owning thread.
  nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> mIdleTimer;

   * Idle observer. Called when the thread is about to be shut down. Released
   * only when Shutdown() is called.
  nsIObserver* mIdleObserver;

   * Temporary storage for events that happen to be dispatched while we're in
   * the process of shutting down our real thread.
  nsTArray<nsCOMPtr<nsIRunnable> >* mQueuedRunnables;

   * The number of milliseconds a thread should be idle before dying.
  const PRUint32 mIdleTimeoutMS;

   * The number of events that are pending on mThread. A nonzero value means
   * that the thread cannot be cleaned up.
  PRUint32 mPendingEventCount;

   * The number of times that mThread has dispatched an idle notification. Any
   * timer that fires while this count is nonzero can safely be ignored as
   * another timer will be on the way.
  PRUint32 mIdleNotificationCount;

   * Whether or not the thread should automatically shutdown. If the owner
   * specified ManualShutdown at construction time then the owner should take
   * care to call Shutdown() manually when appropriate.
  ShutdownMethod mShutdownMethod;

   * Only accessed on the owning thread. Set to true when Shutdown() has been
   * called and prevents EnsureThread() from recreating mThread.
  bool mShutdown;

   * Set from CleanupThread and lasting until the thread has shut down. Prevents
   * further idle notifications during the shutdown process.
  bool mThreadIsShuttingDown;

   * Whether or not the idle timeout is enabled.
  bool mIdleTimeoutEnabled;

} // namespace mozilla

#endif // mozilla_lazyidlethread_h__