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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIContent;
interface nsIDOMHTMLOptionElement;

 * This interface is used to notify a SELECT when OPTION
 * elements are added and removed from its subtree.
 * Note that the nsIDOMHTMLSelectElement and nsIContent 
 * interfaces are the ones to use to access and enumerate
 * OPTIONs within a SELECT element.

[scriptable, uuid(35bd8ed5-5f34-4126-8c4f-38ba01681836)]
interface nsISelectElement : nsISupports

   * To be called when stuff is added under a child of the select--but *before*
   * they are actually added.
   * @param aOptions the content that was added (usually just an option, but
   *        could be an optgroup node with many child options)
   * @param aParent the parent the options were added to (could be an optgroup)
   * @param aContentIndex the index where the options are being added within the
   *        parent (if the parent is an optgroup, the index within the optgroup)
  [noscript] void willAddOptions(in nsIContent aOptions,
                                 in nsIContent aParent,
                                 in long aContentIndex);

   * To be called when stuff is removed under a child of the select--but
   * *before* they are actually removed.
   * @param aParent the parent the option(s) are being removed from
   * @param aContentIndex the index of the option(s) within the parent (if the
   *        parent is an optgroup, the index within the optgroup)
  [noscript] void willRemoveOptions(in nsIContent aParent,
                                    in long aContentIndex);

   * Checks whether an option is disabled (even if it's part of an optgroup)
   * @param aIndex the index of the option to check
   * @return whether the option is disabled
  boolean isOptionDisabled(in long aIndex);

   * Sets multiple options (or just sets startIndex if select is single)
   * and handles notifications and cleanup and everything under the sun.
   * When this method exits, the select will be in a consistent state.  i.e.
   * if you set the last option to false, it will select an option anyway.
   * @param aStartIndex the first index to set
   * @param aEndIndex the last index to set (set same as first index for one
   *        option)
   * @param aIsSelected whether to set the option(s) to true or false
   * @param aClearAll whether to clear all other options (for example, if you
   *        are normal-clicking on the current option)
   * @param aSetDisabled whether it is permissible to set disabled options
   *        (for JavaScript)
   * @param aNotify whether to notify frames and such
   * @return whether any options were actually changed
  boolean setOptionsSelectedByIndex(in long aStartIndex,
                                    in long aEndIndex,
                                    in boolean aIsSelected,
                                    in boolean aClearAll,
                                    in boolean aSetDisabled,
                                    in boolean aNotify);

   * Finds the index of a given option element
   * @param aOption the option to get the index of
   * @param aStartIndex the index to start looking at
   * @param aForward TRUE to look forward, FALSE to look backward
   * @return the option index
  long getOptionIndex(in nsIDOMHTMLOptionElement aOption,
                      in long aStartIndex, in boolean aForward);

  /** Whether or not there are optgroups in this select */
  readonly attribute boolean hasOptGroups;