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Bug 507414 - Add a createAsyncStatement API on mozIStorageConnection. r=sdwilsh, sr=vlad.

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 * Intramodule declarations.

#ifndef __xpidl_h
#define __xpidl_h

#include <errno.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <string.h> /* After glib.h to avoid warnings about shadowing 'index'. */

#ifndef XP_MAC
#include <libIDL/IDL.h>
#include <IDL.h>

#include <xpt_struct.h>

 * IDL_tree_warning bombs on libIDL version 6.5, and I don't want to not write
 * warnings... so I define a versioned one here.  Thanks to Mike Shaver for the
 * this solution, which allows us to pass through varargs calls.
      LIBIDL_MICRO_VERSION == 5) && !defined(DEBUG_shaver)
 * This turns a varargs call to XPIDL_WARNING directly into a varargs
 * call to IDL_tree_warning or xpidl_tree_warning as appropriate.  The
 * only tricky bit is that you must call XPIDL_WARNING with extra
 * parens, e.g. XPIDL_WARNING((foo, bar, "sil"))
 * Probably best removed when we leave 6.5.  */
#define XPIDL_WARNING(x) IDL_tree_warning x
extern void xpidl_tree_warning(IDL_tree p, int level, const char *fmt, ...);
#define XPIDL_WARNING(x) xpidl_tree_warning x

 * Internal operation flags.
extern gboolean enable_debug;
extern gboolean enable_warnings;
extern gboolean verbose_mode;
extern gboolean emit_typelib_annotations;
extern gboolean explicit_output_filename;

extern PRUint8  major_version;
extern PRUint8  minor_version;

typedef struct TreeState TreeState;

 * A function to handle an IDL_tree type.
typedef gboolean (*nodeHandler)(TreeState *);

 * Struct containing functions to define the behavior of a given output mode.
typedef struct backend {
    nodeHandler *dispatch_table; /* nodeHandlers table, indexed by node type. */
    nodeHandler emit_prolog;     /* called at beginning of output generation. */
    nodeHandler emit_epilog;     /* called at end. */
} backend;

/* Function that produces a struct of output-generation functions */
typedef backend *(*backendFactory)();
extern backend *xpidl_header_dispatch(void);
extern backend *xpidl_typelib_dispatch(void);
extern backend *xpidl_doc_dispatch(void);
extern backend *xpidl_java_dispatch(void);

typedef struct ModeData {
    char               *mode;
    char               *modeInfo;
    char               *suffix;
    backendFactory     factory;
} ModeData;

typedef struct IncludePathEntry {
    char                    *directory;
    struct IncludePathEntry *next;
} IncludePathEntry;

struct TreeState {
    FILE             *file;
    char             *filename;
    /* Maybe supplied by -o. Not related to (g_)basename from string.h or glib */
    char             *basename;
    char             *package;
    IDL_ns           ns;
    IDL_tree         tree;
    GSList           *base_includes;
    nodeHandler      *dispatch;
    void             *priv;     /* mode-private data */

struct java_priv_data {
    GHashTable *typedefTable;
    int         numMethods;
    gboolean    bHasBaseClass;
    gboolean    bCountingMethods;

    GHashTable *keywords;
    char       *filename;

 * Process an IDL file, generating InterfaceInfo, documentation and headers as
 * appropriate.
xpidl_process_idl(char *filename, IncludePathEntry *include_path,
                  char *file_basename, char *package, ModeData *mode);

 * Iterate over an IDLN_LIST -- why is this not part of libIDL?
xpidl_list_foreach(IDL_tree p, IDL_tree_func foreach, gpointer user_data);

 * Wrapper whines to stderr then exits after null return from malloc or strdup.
void *
xpidl_malloc(size_t nbytes);

char *
xpidl_strdup(const char *s);

 * Return a pointer to the start of the base filename of path
const char *
xpidl_basename(const char * path);

 * Process an XPIDL node and its kids, if any.
xpidl_process_node(TreeState *state);

 * Write a newline folllowed by an indented, one-line comment containing IDL
 * source decompiled from state->tree.
xpidl_write_comment(TreeState *state, int indent);

 * Functions for parsing and printing UUIDs.

 * How large should the buffer supplied to xpidl_sprint_IID be?
#define UUID_LENGTH 37

 * Print an iid to into a supplied buffer; the buffer should be at least
 * UUID_LENGTH bytes.
xpidl_sprint_iid(nsID *iid, char iidbuf[]);

 * Parse a uuid string into an nsID struct.  We cannot link against libxpcom,
 * so we re-implement nsID::Parse here.
xpidl_parse_iid(nsID *id, const char *str);

/* Try to common a little node-handling stuff. */

/* is this node from an aggregate type (interface)? */
#define UP_IS_AGGREGATE(node)                                                 \
    (IDL_NODE_UP(node) &&                                                     \
     (IDL_NODE_TYPE(IDL_NODE_UP(node)) == IDLN_INTERFACE ||                   \

#define UP_IS_NATIVE(node)                                                    \
    (IDL_NODE_UP(node) &&                                                     \

/* is this type output in the form "<foo> *"? */
#define STARRED_TYPE(node) (IDL_NODE_TYPE(node) == IDLN_TYPE_STRING ||        \
                            IDL_NODE_TYPE(node) == IDLN_TYPE_WIDE_STRING ||   \
                            (IDL_NODE_TYPE(node) == IDLN_IDENT &&             \

#define DIPPER_TYPE(node)                                                     \
    (NULL != IDL_tree_property_get(node, "domstring")  ||                     \
     NULL != IDL_tree_property_get(node, "utf8string") ||                     \
     NULL != IDL_tree_property_get(node, "cstring")    ||                     \
     NULL != IDL_tree_property_get(node, "astring"))

 * Find the underlying type of an identifier typedef.  Returns NULL
 * (and doesn't complain) on failure.
IDL_tree /* IDL_TYPE_DCL */
find_underlying_type(IDL_tree typedef_ident);

 * Check that const declarations match their stated sign and are of the
 * appropriate types.
verify_const_declaration(IDL_tree const_tree);

 * Check that scriptable attributes in scriptable interfaces actually are.
verify_attribute_declaration(IDL_tree method_tree);

 * Perform various validation checks on methods.
verify_method_declaration(IDL_tree method_tree);

 * Verifies the interface declaration
verify_interface_declaration(IDL_tree method_tree);

 * Verify that a native declaration has an associated C++ expression, i.e. that
 * it's of the form native <idl-name>(<c++-name>)
check_native(TreeState *state);

printlist(FILE *outfile, GSList *slist);

#endif /* __xpidl_h */