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bug 747394 - rename webapprt/application.ini to webapprt/webapprt.ini to work around an issue in a build script that looks for Firefox's application.ini, which busted nightly partial updates, on a CLOSED TREE; r=bsmedberg, a=khuey

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMNode;
interface nsIAccessible;
interface nsIWeakReference;
interface nsIPresShell;
interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIDOMDOMStringList;
interface nsIAccessiblePivot;

 * An interface for in-process accessibility clients wishing to get an
 * nsIAccessible for a given DOM node.  More documentation at:
[scriptable, uuid(310ce77d-c92b-4761-82e8-77e1a728e8d4)]
interface nsIAccessibleRetrieval : nsISupports
   * Return application accessible.
  nsIAccessible getApplicationAccessible();

   * Return an nsIAccessible for a DOM node in pres shell 0.
   * Create a new accessible of the appropriate type if necessary,
   * or use one from the accessibility cache if it already exists.
   * @param aNode The DOM node to get an accessible for.
   * @return The nsIAccessible for the given DOM node.
  nsIAccessible getAccessibleFor(in nsIDOMNode aNode);

    * Returns accessible role as a string.
    * @param aRole - the accessible role constants.
  AString getStringRole(in unsigned long aRole);

    * Returns list which contains accessible states as a strings.
    * @param aStates - accessible states.
    * @param aExtraStates - accessible extra states.
  nsIDOMDOMStringList getStringStates(in unsigned long aStates,
                                      in unsigned long aExtraStates);

   * Get the type of accessible event as a string.
   * @param aEventType - the accessible event type constant
   * @return - accessible event type presented as human readable string
  AString getStringEventType(in unsigned long aEventType);

   * Get the type of accessible relation as a string.
   * @param aRelationType - the accessible relation type constant
   * @return - accessible relation type presented as human readable string
  AString getStringRelationType(in unsigned long aRelationType);

   * Return an accessible for the given DOM node from the cache.
   * @note  the method is intended for testing purposes
   * @param aNode  [in] the DOM node to get an accessible for
   * @return       cached accessible for the given DOM node if any
  nsIAccessible getAccessibleFromCache(in nsIDOMNode aNode);

   * Create a new pivot for tracking a position and traversing a subtree.
   * @param aRoot [in] the accessible root for the pivot
   * @return a new pivot
  nsIAccessiblePivot createAccessiblePivot(in nsIAccessible aRoot);

%{ C++

// for component registration
// {663CA4A8-D219-4000-925D-D8F66406B626}
{ 0x663ca4a8, 0xd219, 0x4000, { 0x92, 0x5d, 0xd8, 0xf6, 0x64, 0x6, 0xb6, 0x26 } }