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Bug 333848 - add full-featured user-defined functions and progress handlers to storage. Patch by Lev Serebryakov <>. r=sdwilsh

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#include "nsIProfile.idl"

interface nsICmdLineService;
interface nsIFile;
interface nsILocalFile;
interface nsISupportsArray;


[scriptable, uuid(2f977d42-5485-11d4-87e2-0010a4e75ef2)]
interface nsIProfileInternal : nsIProfile {
     * Starts up the profile manager
     * @param cmdLine       Arguments passed from command line - can be null
     * @param canInteract   Whether dialogs can be shown during startup
     *                      If false and dialogs would need to be shown, returns NS_ERROR_PROFILE_REQUIRES_INTERRACTION
    [noscript] void startupWithArgs(in nsICmdLineService cmdLine, in boolean canInteract);
     * Returns TRUE if in the midst of startupWithArgs
    [noscript] readonly attribute boolean isStartingUp;
    long get4xProfileCount();

    * The following values are used with getProfileListX
    * LIST_ONLY_NEW     - the list will contain only migrated profiles
    * LIST_ONLY_OLD     - the list will contain only un-migrated profiles
    * LIST_ALL          - the list will contain all profiles
    * LIST_FOR_IMPORT   - the list is generated from 4.x registry and contains
    *                     all the 4.x profiles
    *                     do not use this except from the import module
    const unsigned long LIST_ONLY_NEW  = 1;
    const unsigned long LIST_ONLY_OLD  = 2;
    const unsigned long LIST_ALL       = 3;
    const unsigned long LIST_FOR_IMPORT= 4;
    void getProfileListX(in unsigned long which, out unsigned long length, [retval, array, size_is(length)] out wstring profileNames);
    void migrateProfileInfo();
    void migrateAllProfiles();
    void migrateProfile(in wstring profileName);
    void remigrateProfile(in wstring profileName);
    void forgetCurrentProfile();
    void createDefaultProfile();

     * Returns the actual profile directory
    nsIFile getProfileDir(in wstring profileName);
     * Returns the path to a profile which can be shown to the user.
     * If the actual profile directory is salted, returns the unsalted parent.
     * This is the directory which will be deleted by deleteProfile(name, true).
    wstring getProfilePath(in wstring profileName);
     * Returns a profile directory of the importType. The path will point to 
     * the 4.x profile directory. Should be used only from the import module.
    nsILocalFile getOriginalProfileDir(in wstring profileName);

     * Returns the date on which a profile was last used.
     * value is in milliseconds since midnight Jan 1, 1970 GMT (same as nsIFile)
    PRInt64 getProfileLastModTime(in wstring profileName);
    attribute boolean automigrate;
    readonly attribute nsIFile defaultProfileParentDir;
    readonly attribute wstring firstProfile;
     * Affects startup behavior when there are multiple profiles.
     *  If FALSE, the profile selection dialog will be shown.
     *  If TRUE, the last used profile will be chosen automatically.
    attribute boolean startWithLastUsedProfile;

    [noscript] void updateRegistry(in nsIFile regName);
    [noscript] void getRegStrings(in wstring profileName,
                       out wstring regString,
                       out wstring regName,
                       out wstring regEmail,
                       out wstring regOption);
    [noscript] void setRegStrings(in wstring profileName, 
                       in wstring regString,
                       in wstring regName,
                       in wstring regEmail,
                       in wstring regOption);
    [noscript] string isRegStringSet(in wstring profileName);
    void createNewProfileWithLocales(in wstring profileName,
                          in wstring nativeProfileDir,
                          in wstring UILocale,
                          in wstring contentLocale,
                          in boolean useExistingDir);
    * The remaining methods are deprecated. DO NOT USE THEM.
    boolean isCurrentProfileAvailable();
    [noscript] void getCurrentProfileDir(out nsIFile profileDir);