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bug 461395 - add support for PARALLEL_DIRS to build system, parallelize content. r=bsmedberg

<!-- Entities for the Sample Extension Options Dialog go here -->
<!ENTITY reportWizard.title                         "Report A Broken Web Site">

<!ENTITY privacyNotice.label                        "Privacy Policy">
<!ENTITY reportWizardPrivacy.description            "This tool allows you to tell the Evangelism Team about web sites that do not work properly in &brandShortName;, or shut &brandShortName; out. This is your way to help us ensure the best possible experience for &brandShortName; users. Please take a moment to read the following to learn how we use the information we collect should you choose to participate.">
<!ENTITY reportWizardMustAgree.description          "To continue you need to agree to the privacy policy above.">

<!ENTITY dontShowPrivacyStatement.label             "I have read and accept the above privacy policy.">
<!ENTITY dontShowPrivacyStatement.accesskey         "I">

<!ENTITY reportForm.label                           "Fill out Report">

<!ENTITY reportForm.description                     "Tell us a little about the problem you encountered:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.url.title                       "Web site URL:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.url.accesskey                   "U">

<!ENTITY reportForm.behind_login.title              "Web site is password-protected"><!-- No ":" at the end -->
<!ENTITY reportForm.behind_login.accesskey          "P">

<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.title              "Problem Type:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.accesskey          "T">

<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.chooseOne.title    "Choose One…">

<!-- DO *NOT* Add/change/modify (except localization) without consulting with r.m.o server admin first! -->
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item1.title        "Browser not supported">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item2.title        "Can't log in">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item3.title        "Plugin not shown">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item4.title        "Other content missing">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item5.title        "Behavior wrong">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item6.title        "Appearance wrong">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item7.title        "Other problem">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item8.title        "Disability access">
<!ENTITY reportForm.problem_type.item9.title        "Printed output is wrong">

<!ENTITY reportForm.describe.title                  "Describe Problem:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.describe.accesskey              "D">

<!ENTITY reportForm.platform.title                  "Platform:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.product.title                   "Product:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.gecko.title                     "Gecko:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.useragent.title                 "Useragent:">
<!ENTITY reportForm.language.title                  "Language:">

<!--  Make sure this has "(Optional)" at the end.  This is important for the user to know -->
<!ENTITY reportForm.email.title                     "Email (Optional):">
<!ENTITY reportForm.email.accesskey                 "E">

<!ENTITY reportForm.privacyPolicy.title             "Privacy Policy">
<!ENTITY reportForm.privacyPolicy.tooltip           "View Privacy Policy">

<!ENTITY reportResults.showDetail.title             "Show Details">
<!ENTITY reportResults.showDetail.accesskey         "S">

<!ENTITY sendReport.label                           "Sending Report">
<!ENTITY sendReport.description                     "Sending Report to server…">

<!ENTITY finish.label                               "Report Sent">