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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include <ft2build.h>
#include FT_FREETYPE_H
#include FT_CACHE_H
#include FT_OUTLINE_H
// macros to handle FreeType2 26.6 numbers (26 bit number with 6 bit fraction)
#define FT_REG_TO_16_16(x) ((x)<<16)
#ifndef FT_MulFix
#define FT_MulFix(v, s) (((v)*(s))>>16)
#define FT_ROUND(x) (((x) + 32) & ~63) // 63 = 2^6 - 1
#define FT_TRUNC(x) ((x) >> 6)
#define FT_DESIGN_UNITS_TO_PIXELS(v, s) FT_TRUNC(FT_ROUND(FT_MulFix((v) , (s))))


[ptr] native constCharPtr(const char);
native FT_Int(FT_Int);
native FT_Long(FT_Long);
native FT_UInt(FT_UInt);
native FT_ULong(FT_ULong);

native FT_BBox(FT_BBox);
native FT_CharMap(FT_CharMap);
native FT_Error(FT_Error);
native FT_Face(FT_Face);
native FT_Glyph(FT_Glyph);
native FT_GlyphSlot(FT_GlyphSlot);
native FT_Library(FT_Library);
[ptr] native FT_Outline_p(FT_Outline);
[ptr] native const_FT_Outline_Funcs_p(const FT_Outline_Funcs);
native FT_Pointer(FT_Pointer);
native FT_Sfnt_Tag(FT_Sfnt_Tag);
native FT_Size(FT_Size);

[ptr] native FTC_Image_Desc_p(FTC_Image_Desc);
native FTC_Face_Requester(FTC_Face_Requester);
native FTC_Font(FTC_Font);
native FTC_Image_Cache(FTC_Image_Cache);
native FTC_Manager(FTC_Manager);

// #ifdef MOZ_SVG
[ptr] native FT_Matrix_p(FT_Matrix);
native FT_Vector(FT_Vector);
[ptr] native FT_Vector_p(FT_Vector);
native FT_Render_Mode(FT_Render_Mode);
native FT_Bool(FT_Bool);
// #endif

 * A XPCOM interface to the run-time loaded functions
interface nsIFreeType2 : nsISupports

    readonly attribute FT_Library library;
    readonly attribute FTC_Manager FTCacheManager;
    readonly attribute FTC_Image_Cache ImageCache;

    void    doneFace(in FT_Face face);
    void    doneFreeType(in FT_Library lib);
    void    doneGlyph(in FT_Glyph glyph);
    FT_UInt getCharIndex(in FT_Face face, in FT_ULong charcode);
    void    getGlyph(in FT_GlyphSlot slot, out FT_Glyph glyph);
    voidPtr getSfntTable(in FT_Face face, in FT_Sfnt_Tag tag);
    void    glyphGetCBox(in FT_Glyph glyph, in FT_UInt mode, out FT_BBox box);
    void    initFreeType(out FT_Library lib);
    void    loadGlyph(in FT_Face face, in FT_UInt gindex, in FT_Int flags);
    void    newFace(in FT_Library lib, in constCharPtr filename,
                    in FT_Long face_num, out FT_Face face);
    void    outlineDecompose(in FT_Outline_p outline,
                             in const_FT_Outline_Funcs_p funcs, in voidPtr p);
    void    setCharmap(in FT_Face face, in FT_CharMap charmap);
    void    imageCacheLookup(in FTC_Image_Cache cache, in FTC_Image_Desc_p desc,
                             in FT_UInt gindex, out FT_Glyph glyph);
    void    managerLookupSize(in FTC_Manager manager, in FTC_Font font,
                              out FT_Face face, out FT_Size size);
    void    managerDone(in FTC_Manager manager);
    void    managerNew(in FT_Library lib, in FT_UInt max_faces,
                       in FT_UInt max_sizes, in FT_ULong max_bytes,
                       in FTC_Face_Requester requester, in FT_Pointer req_data,
                       out FTC_Manager manager);
    void    imageCacheNew(in FTC_Manager manager, out FTC_Image_Cache cache);
/* #ifdef MOZ_SVG */
    void glyphTransform(in FT_Glyph glyph, in FT_Matrix_p matrix,
                        in FT_Vector_p delta);
    void getKerning(in FT_Face face, in FT_UInt left_glyph, in FT_UInt right_glyph,
                    in FT_UInt kern_mode, out FT_Vector akerning);
    void glyphCopy(in FT_Glyph source, out FT_Glyph target);
    void glyphToBitmap(inout FT_Glyph the_glyph, in FT_Render_Mode render_mode,
                       in FT_Vector_p origin, in FT_Bool destroy);
/* #endif */

    FT_ULong getFirstChar(in FT_Face face, out FT_UInt gindex);
    FT_ULong getNextChar(in FT_Face face, in FT_ULong charcode, out FT_UInt gindex);
    void supportsExtFunc(out PRBool res);