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#include "nsIDOMEvent.idl"

interface nsIURI;

 * The nsIDOMPopupBlockedEvent interface is the datatype for events
 * posted when a popup window is blocked.

[scriptable, uuid(05be571f-c3ea-4959-a340-c57b1591ae4b)]
interface nsIDOMPopupBlockedEvent : nsIDOMEvent
   * The window object that attempted to open the blocked popup
   * (i.e. the window object on which open() was called).
  readonly attribute nsIDOMWindow requestingWindow;

   * The URI of the window that was blocked.
  readonly attribute nsIURI popupWindowURI;

   * The string of features passed to the call
   * (as the third argument)
  readonly attribute DOMString popupWindowFeatures;

   * The window name passed to the call
   * (as the second argument)
  readonly attribute DOMString popupWindowName;

  void initPopupBlockedEvent(in DOMString typeArg,
                             in boolean canBubbleArg,
                             in boolean cancelableArg,
                             in nsIDOMWindow requestingWindow,
                             in nsIURI popupWindowURI,
                             in DOMString popupWindowName,
                             in DOMString popupWindowFeatures);