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Bug 563536, bug 204111 - Put data from uconv property files into code to avoid thread-unsafe property file loading. r=smontagu.

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#ifndef nsUConvPropertySearch_h_
#define nsUConvPropertySearch_h_

#include "nsString.h"

class nsUConvPropertySearch
     * Looks up a property by value.
     * @param aProperties
     *   the static property array
     * @param aKey
     *   the key to look up
     * @param aValue
     *   the return value (empty string if not found)
     * @return NS_OK if found or NS_ERROR_FAILURE if not found
    static nsresult SearchPropertyValue(const char* aProperties[][3],
                                        PRInt32 aNumberOfProperties,
                                        const nsACString& aKey,
                                        nsACString& aValue);

#endif /* nsUConvPropertySearch_h_ */