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#include "nsCP949ToUnicode.h"
#include "nsUCvKODll.h"
#include "nsUCConstructors.h"

// Global functions and data [declaration]

static const uScanClassID g_CP949ScanClassIDs[] = {
// This is necessary to decode 8byte sequence representation of Hangul
// syllables. This representation is uniq to EUC-KR and is not used
// in CP949. However, this converter is for both EUC-KR and CP949
// so that this class ID is put here. See bug 131388. 
  u2BytesGRCharset,       // EUC_KR
  u2BytesGR128Charset,    // CP949 High
  u2BytesCharset          // CP949 Low

// CP949(non-EUC-KR portion) to Unicode
static const PRUint16 g_utCP949NoKSCHangulMapping[] = {
#include "u20cp949hangul.ut"

static const uRange g_CP949Ranges[] = {
  { 0x00, 0x7E },
  { 0xA4, 0xA4 },   // 8byte seq. for Hangul syllables not available
                    // in pre-composed form in KS X 1001
  { 0xA1, 0xFE },
  { 0xA1, 0xC6 },   // CP949 extension B. ends at 0xC6.
  { 0x80, 0xA0 }

static const PRUint16 *g_CP949MappingTableSet [] ={

nsCP949ToUnicodeConstructor(nsISupports *aOuter, REFNSIID aIID,
                            void **aResult)
  return CreateMultiTableDecoder(sizeof(g_CP949Ranges) / sizeof(g_CP949Ranges[0]),
                                 (const uRange*) &g_CP949Ranges,
                                 (uScanClassID*) &g_CP949ScanClassIDs,
                                 (uMappingTable**) &g_CP949MappingTableSet, 1,
                                 aOuter, aIID, aResult);