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#ifndef nsUTF8ToUnicode_h___
#define nsUTF8ToUnicode_h___

// Class ID for our UTF8ToUnicode charset converter
// {5534DDC0-DD96-11d2-8AAC-00600811A836}
  { 0x5534ddc0, 0xdd96, 0x11d2, {0x8a, 0xac, 0x0, 0x60, 0x8, 0x11, 0xa8, 0x36}}

#define NS_UTF8TOUNICODE_CONTRACTID ";1?charset=UTF-8"


// Class nsUTF8ToUnicode [declaration]

 * A character set converter from UTF8 to Unicode.
 * @created         18/Mar/1998
 * @modified        04/Feb/2000
 * @author  Catalin Rotaru [CATA]

class nsUTF8ToUnicode : public nsBasicDecoderSupport

   * Class constructor.


  PRUint32 mUcs4; // cached Unicode character
  PRUint8 mState; // cached expected number of bytes per UTF8 character sequence
  PRUint8 mBytes;
  PRPackedBool mFirst;

  // Subclassing of nsDecoderSupport class [declaration]

  NS_IMETHOD GetMaxLength(const char * aSrc, PRInt32 aSrcLength, 
      PRInt32 * aDestLength);

  // Subclassing of nsBasicDecoderSupport class [declaration]

  NS_IMETHOD Convert(const char * aSrc, PRInt32 * aSrcLength, 
      PRUnichar * aDest, PRInt32 * aDestLength);

  // Subclassing of nsBasicDecoderSupport class [declaration]

  NS_IMETHOD Reset();


#endif /* nsUTF8ToUnicode_h___ */