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Bug 647367 - Sequester jshash.{h,cpp} in js/jsd/ (attempt 2). r=luke.

var w = null;
var count = 0;
var isOpen = false;

function newWin() {
  if ((w == null) || (w.closed == true)) {
    w ="about:blank", "writetest");

function incrWrite() {
  if (w != null) {
    if (!isOpen) {
      count = 0;
      isOpen = true;
      w.document.write("<p>Opening document and counting up....</p>");

    w.document.write("<p>Counter at: " + count++ + "</p>");

function closeDoc() {
  if ((w != null) && isOpen) {
    w.document.write("<p>Closing document!</p>");
    isOpen = false;
<h1>document.write (out-of-line) test</h1>
<p>This test uses the open, write and close methods of a
document to construct a document. It tests the "out-of-line"
capabilities of document.write i.e. the ability to use 
document.write to create an entirely new document.</p>

<p>Use this button to create a new window. If one already
exists, we'll use it.
<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="newwin" VALUE="New Window" onClick="newWin(); return true;">

<p>Use this button to write the new value of a counter into
the document. If the document was previously closed, it will be
reopened (and the old contents will be destroyed.
<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="incrwrite" VALUE="Write" onClick="incrWrite(); return true;">

<p>Use this button to close the document. Subsequent writes will rewrite
the document.
<INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="closedoc" VALUE="Close Document" onClick="closeDoc(); return true;">