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Wed Oct 24 10:26:28 2012 +0000
481667090414fcd0fb7513fa1d3149e438dfc06dBobby Holley — Bug 801305 - Use the bonafide subject principal for the loadinfo owner. r=bz a=akeybl GECKO1009_2012101115_RELBRANCH
6564d2216240ff6c1742cb4a3b7436800135d9dcBobby Holley — Bug 802557 - Do more direct comparisons with the outer window. r=bz a=akeybl GECKO1009_2012101115_RELBRANCH
246c665f50d32cc064ba4c5b91997df21c796342Bobby Holley — Bug 793969 - Define an identity transformation at the Xray layer. r=mrbkap a=akeybl GECKO1009_2012101115_RELBRANCH