Bug 1524396 - Replace RUST_TARGET_ENV_NAME with make substitutions. r=chmanchester
authorMike Hommey <mh+mozilla@glandium.org>
Fri, 22 Mar 2019 11:06:11 +0000
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Bug 1524396 - Replace RUST_TARGET_ENV_NAME with make substitutions. r=chmanchester While the substitution pattern is kind of awful in make, it will allow to more straightforwardly deal with the difference between target and host. Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D24321
--- a/build/moz.configure/rust.configure
+++ b/build/moz.configure/rust.configure
@@ -267,26 +267,16 @@ def validate_rust_host_triple(host, rust
         die("The rust compiler host ({}) is not suitable for the configure host ({})."
             .format(rustc_host, configure_host))
 set_config('RUST_TARGET', rust_target_triple)
 set_config('RUST_HOST_TARGET', rust_host_triple)
-def rust_target_env_name(triple):
-    return triple.upper().replace('-', '_')
-# We need this to form various Cargo environment variables, as there is no
-# uppercase function in make, and we don't want to shell out just for
-# converting a string to uppercase.
-set_config('RUST_TARGET_ENV_NAME', rust_target_env_name)
 # This is used for putting source info into symbol files.
 set_config('RUSTC_COMMIT', depends(rustc_info)(lambda i: i.commit))
 # Rustdoc is required by Rust tests below.
 js_option(env='RUSTDOC', nargs=1, help='Path to the rustdoc program')
 rustdoc = check_prog('RUSTDOC', ['rustdoc'], paths=toolchain_search_path,
                      input='RUSTDOC', allow_missing=True)
--- a/config/makefiles/rust.mk
+++ b/config/makefiles/rust.mk
@@ -132,16 +132,18 @@ TARGET_RECIPES := \
 $(TARGET_RECIPES): RUSTFLAGS:=$(rustflags_override) $(RUSTFLAGS)
   $(foreach a,library program,$(foreach b,build check,force-cargo-host-$(a)-$(b)))
 $(HOST_RECIPES): RUSTFLAGS:=$(rustflags_override)
+cargo_env = $(subst -,_,$(subst a,A,$(subst b,B,$(subst c,C,$(subst d,D,$(subst e,E,$(subst f,F,$(subst g,G,$(subst h,H,$(subst i,I,$(subst j,J,$(subst k,K,$(subst l,L,$(subst m,M,$(subst n,N,$(subst o,O,$(subst p,P,$(subst q,Q,$(subst r,R,$(subst s,S,$(subst t,T,$(subst u,U,$(subst v,V,$(subst w,W,$(subst x,X,$(subst y,Y,$(subst z,Z,$1)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
 # We use the + prefix to pass down the jobserver fds to cargo, but we
 # don't use the prefix when make -n is used, so that cargo doesn't run
 # in that case)
 define RUN_CARGO
 $(if $(findstring n,$(filter-out --%, $(MAKEFLAGS))),,+)$(CARGO) $(1) $(cargo_build_flags)
 # This function is intended to be called by:
@@ -154,17 +156,17 @@ endef
 $(call RUN_CARGO,rustc)
 $(call RUN_CARGO,check)
-cargo_linker_env_var := CARGO_TARGET_$(RUST_TARGET_ENV_NAME)_LINKER
+cargo_linker_env_var := CARGO_TARGET_$(call cargo_env,$(RUST_TARGET))_LINKER
 # Don't define a custom linker on Windows, as it's difficult to have a
 # non-binary file that will get executed correctly by Cargo.  We don't
 # have to worry about a cross-compiling (besides x86-64 -> x86, which
 # already works with the current setup) setup on Windows, and we don't
 # have to pass in any special linker options on Windows.
 ifneq (WINNT,$(OS_ARCH))