Bug 1546727: Make DebuggerFrame_getScript a static method of DebuggerFrame. r=jorendorff
authorJim Blandy <jimb@mozilla.com>
Tue, 14 May 2019 02:55:22 +0000
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Bug 1546727: Make DebuggerFrame_getScript a static method of DebuggerFrame. r=jorendorff This function probably predates the existence of the DebuggerFrame class, and was never moved in. Depends on D28785 Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D28786
--- a/js/src/vm/Debugger.cpp
+++ b/js/src/vm/Debugger.cpp
@@ -9806,17 +9806,17 @@ bool DebuggerFrame::olderGetter(JSContex
     return false;
   return true;
 // The getter used for each element of frame.arguments.
-// See DebuggerFrame_getArguments.
+// See DebuggerFrame::getArguments.
 static bool DebuggerArguments_getArg(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, Value* vp) {
   CallArgs args = CallArgsFromVp(argc, vp);
   int32_t i = args.callee().as<JSFunction>().getExtendedSlot(0).toInt32();
   // Check that the this value is an Arguments object.
   RootedObject argsobj(cx, NonNullObject(cx, args.thisv()));
   if (!argsobj) {
     return false;
@@ -9927,17 +9927,18 @@ bool DebuggerFrame::argumentsGetter(JSCo
   if (!DebuggerFrame::getArguments(cx, frame, &result)) {
     return false;
   return true;
-static bool DebuggerFrame_getScript(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, Value* vp) {
+/* static */
+bool DebuggerFrame::getScript(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, Value* vp) {
   THIS_FRAME(cx, argc, vp, "get script", args, thisobj, frameIter, frame);
   Debugger* debug = Debugger::fromChildJSObject(thisobj);
   RootedObject scriptObject(cx);
   if (frame.isWasmDebugFrame()) {
     RootedWasmInstanceObject instance(cx, frame.wasmInstance()->object());
     scriptObject = debug->wrapWasmScript(cx, instance);
     if (!scriptObject) {
@@ -10144,17 +10145,17 @@ const JSPropertySpec DebuggerFrame::prop
     JS_PSG("arguments", DebuggerFrame::argumentsGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("callee", DebuggerFrame::calleeGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("constructing", DebuggerFrame::constructingGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("environment", DebuggerFrame::environmentGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("generator", DebuggerFrame::generatorGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("live", DebuggerFrame::liveGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("offset", DebuggerFrame::offsetGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("older", DebuggerFrame::olderGetter, 0),
-    JS_PSG("script", DebuggerFrame_getScript, 0),
+    JS_PSG("script", DebuggerFrame::getScript, 0),
     JS_PSG("this", DebuggerFrame::thisGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("type", DebuggerFrame::typeGetter, 0),
     JS_PSG("implementation", DebuggerFrame::implementationGetter, 0),
     JS_PSGS("onStep", DebuggerFrame::onStepGetter, DebuggerFrame::onStepSetter,
     JS_PSGS("onPop", DebuggerFrame::onPopGetter, DebuggerFrame::onPopSetter, 0),
--- a/js/src/vm/Debugger.h
+++ b/js/src/vm/Debugger.h
@@ -1451,16 +1451,17 @@ class DebuggerFrame : public NativeObjec
   static void trace(JSTracer* trc, JSObject* obj);
   static NativeObject* initClass(JSContext* cx, HandleObject dbgCtor,
                                  Handle<GlobalObject*> global);
   static DebuggerFrame* create(JSContext* cx, HandleObject proto,
                                const FrameIter& iter,
                                HandleNativeObject debugger);
+  static MOZ_MUST_USE bool getScript(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, Value* vp);
   static MOZ_MUST_USE bool getArguments(JSContext* cx,
                                         HandleDebuggerFrame frame,
                                         MutableHandleDebuggerArguments result);
   static MOZ_MUST_USE bool getCallee(JSContext* cx, HandleDebuggerFrame frame,
                                      MutableHandleDebuggerObject result);
   static MOZ_MUST_USE bool getIsConstructing(JSContext* cx,
                                              HandleDebuggerFrame frame,
                                              bool& result);