bug 1234417 - fix a leak in CreateECPublicKey r=rbarnes
authorDavid Keeler <dkeeler@mozilla.com>
Mon, 21 Dec 2015 17:14:41 -0800
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bug 1234417 - fix a leak in CreateECPublicKey r=rbarnes Before this patch, CreateECPublicKey would create a SECKEYPublicKey allocated on a scoped arena. It would then call CryptoKey::PublicKeyValid, which has the side-effect of importing the key to the internal PKCS#11 slot. When the arena went out of scope, the memory for the key would be released, but the reference to the slot wouldn't, causing a leak. This patch fixes the leak by making the SECKEYPublicKey a ScopedSECKEYPublicKey (which ensures that the type-specific "destructor" SECKEY_DestroyPublicKey is called, which releases the reference to the PKCS#11 slot).
--- a/dom/crypto/CryptoKey.cpp
+++ b/dom/crypto/CryptoKey.cpp
@@ -969,21 +969,26 @@ CryptoKey::PrivateKeyToJwk(SECKEYPrivate
 CreateECPublicKey(const SECItem* aKeyData, const nsString& aNamedCurve)
   ScopedPLArenaPool arena(PORT_NewArena(DER_DEFAULT_CHUNKSIZE));
   if (!arena) {
     return nullptr;
-  SECKEYPublicKey* key = PORT_ArenaZNew(arena, SECKEYPublicKey);
+  // It's important that this be a ScopedSECKEYPublicKey, as this ensures that
+  // SECKEY_DestroyPublicKey will be called on it. If this doesn't happen, when
+  // CryptoKey::PublicKeyValid is called on it and it gets moved to the internal
+  // PKCS#11 slot, it will leak a reference to the slot.
+  ScopedSECKEYPublicKey key(PORT_ArenaZNew(arena, SECKEYPublicKey));
   if (!key) {
     return nullptr;
+  key->arena = nullptr; // key doesn't own the arena; it won't get double-freed
   key->keyType = ecKey;
   key->pkcs11Slot = nullptr;
   key->pkcs11ID = CK_INVALID_HANDLE;
   // Create curve parameters.
   SECItem* params = CreateECParamsForCurve(aNamedCurve, arena);
   if (!params) {
     return nullptr;