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Backout e3a2d93fb173 for test failures.
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -9140,20 +9140,17 @@ MOZ_ARG_WITH_STRING(intl-api,
     Determine the status of the ECMAScript Internationalization API.  The first
     (or lack of any of these) builds and exposes the API.  The second builds it
     but doesn't use ICU or expose the API to script.  The third doesn't build
     ICU at all.],
 if test -z "$WITH_INTL"; then
 if test "$MOZ_BUILD_APP" = "browser"; then
-    # Don't build the Intl API til we can update ICU (bug 924839).  Don't take
-    # the smaller step of building but not exposing it, either, as we also
-    # don't want dead code in shipping builds.
-    WITH_INTL="--without-intl-api"
+    WITH_INTL="--with-intl-api"
     # Internationalization isn't built or exposed by default in non-desktop
     # builds.  Bugs to enable:
     #   Android:  bug 864843
     #   B2G:      bug 866301