Bug 665316 - Initialize variable before use. r=ted
authorJosh Matthews <josh@joshmatthews.net>
Sat, 18 Jun 2011 16:29:57 -0400
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Bug 665316 - Initialize variable before use. r=ted
--- a/build/automation.py.in
+++ b/build/automation.py.in
@@ -724,16 +724,17 @@ user_pref("camino.use_system_proxy_setti
     self.log.info("Can't trigger Breakpad, just killing process")
   def waitForFinish(self, proc, utilityPath, timeout, maxTime, startTime, debuggerInfo, symbolsPath):
     """ Look for timeout or crashes and return the status after the process terminates """
     stackFixerProcess = None
     stackFixerFunction = None
     didTimeout = False
+    hitMaxTime = False
     if proc.stdout is None:
       self.log.info("TEST-INFO: Not logging stdout or stderr due to debugger connection")
       logsource = proc.stdout
       if self.IS_DEBUG_BUILD and (self.IS_MAC or self.IS_LINUX) and symbolsPath and os.path.exists(symbolsPath):
         # Run each line through a function in fix_stack_using_bpsyms.py (uses breakpad symbol files)
         # This method is preferred for Tinderbox builds, since native symbols may have been stripped.
@@ -751,17 +752,16 @@ user_pref("camino.use_system_proxy_setti
         # Run logsource through fix-linux-stack.pl (uses addr2line)
         # This method is preferred for developer machines, so we don't have to run "make buildsymbols".
         stackFixerProcess = self.Process([self.PERL, os.path.join(utilityPath, "fix-linux-stack.pl")],
         logsource = stackFixerProcess.stdout
       (line, didTimeout) = self.readWithTimeout(logsource, timeout)
-      hitMaxTime = False
       while line != "" and not didTimeout:
         if "TEST-START" in line and "|" in line:
           self.lastTestSeen = line.split("|")[1].strip()
         if stackFixerFunction:
           line = stackFixerFunction(line)
         if self.UNIXISH and not debuggerInfo and not self.haveDumpedScreen and "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL" in line and "Test timed out" in line: