Bug 999477: Fix FindInReadable calls in ApplicationReputation (r=gcp)
authorMonica Chew <mmc@mozilla.com>
Tue, 22 Apr 2014 09:14:55 -0700
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Bug 999477: Fix FindInReadable calls in ApplicationReputation (r=gcp)
--- a/toolkit/components/downloads/ApplicationReputation.cpp
+++ b/toolkit/components/downloads/ApplicationReputation.cpp
@@ -293,25 +293,25 @@ NS_IMETHODIMP
 PendingDBLookup::HandleEvent(const nsACString& tables)
   // HandleEvent is guaranteed to call either:
   // 1) PendingLookup::OnComplete if the URL can be classified locally, or
   // 2) PendingLookup::LookupNext if the URL can be cannot classified locally.
   // Blocklisting trumps allowlisting.
   nsAutoCString blockList;
   Preferences::GetCString(PREF_DOWNLOAD_BLOCK_TABLE, &blockList);
-  if (!mAllowlistOnly && FindInReadable(tables, blockList)) {
+  if (!mAllowlistOnly && FindInReadable(blockList, tables)) {
     Accumulate(mozilla::Telemetry::APPLICATION_REPUTATION_LOCAL, BLOCK_LIST);
     LOG(("Found principal %s on blocklist [this = %p]", mSpec.get(), this));
     return mPendingLookup->OnComplete(true, NS_OK);
   nsAutoCString allowList;
   Preferences::GetCString(PREF_DOWNLOAD_ALLOW_TABLE, &allowList);
-  if (FindInReadable(tables, allowList)) {
+  if (FindInReadable(allowList, tables)) {
     Accumulate(mozilla::Telemetry::APPLICATION_REPUTATION_LOCAL, ALLOW_LIST);
     LOG(("Found principal %s on allowlist [this = %p]", mSpec.get(), this));
     return mPendingLookup->OnComplete(false, NS_OK);
   LOG(("Didn't find principal %s on any list [this = %p]", mSpec.get(), this));
   Accumulate(mozilla::Telemetry::APPLICATION_REPUTATION_LOCAL, NO_LIST);
   return mPendingLookup->LookupNext();