Bug 1369950 - Update av1 mimetype when vendoring. r=froydnj,gerald
authorRalph Giles <giles@mozilla.com>
Fri, 02 Jun 2017 20:32:17 -0700
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Bug 1369950 - Update av1 mimetype when vendoring. r=froydnj,gerald We record the commit id of the aom library we vendor in the gecko source so we can check it as part of the mimetype to verify compatibility with the encoder while the stream format is under development. Make the vendor script update the hash in the code, just like we do with README_MOZILLA. This can be removed when the bitstream becomes stable. MozReview-Commit-ID: 9zBiFhcEy2N
--- a/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/vendor_aom.py
+++ b/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/vendor_aom.py
@@ -81,16 +81,52 @@ class VendorAOM(MozbuildObject):
             new_readme = '%s\n\n%s %s.' % (readme, prefix, revision)
         if readme != new_readme:
             with open(filename, 'w') as f:
+    def update_mimetype(self, revision):
+        '''Update source tree references to the aom revision.
+        While the av1 bitstream is unstable, we track the git revision
+        of the reference implementation we're building, and are careful
+        to build with default feature flags. This lets us answer whether
+        a particular bitstream will be playable by comparing the encode-
+        side hash as part of the mime type.
+        '''
+        filename = mozpath.join(self.topsrcdir,
+                'dom/media/platforms/agnostic/AOMDecoder.cpp')
+        with open(filename) as f:
+            source = f.read()
+        new_source = ''
+        pattern = re.compile('version.AppendLiteral\("([a-f0-9]{40})"\);')
+        match = pattern.search(source)
+        if match:
+            old_revision = match.group(1)
+            if old_revision == revision:
+                # Nothing to update.
+                return
+            new_source = pattern.sub('version.AppendLiteral("%s");' % revision,
+                                     source)
+        if not match or new_source == source:
+            self.log(logging.ERROR, 'hash_update', {},
+                     '''Couldn't update commit hash in
+    {file}.
+Please check manually and update the vendor script.
+                     '''.format(file=filename))
+            sys.exit(1)
+        with open(filename, 'w') as f:
+            f.write(new_source)
     def clean_upstream(self, target):
         '''Remove files we don't want to import.'''
         mozfile.remove(mozpath.join(target, '.gitattributes'))
         mozfile.remove(mozpath.join(target, '.gitignore'))
         mozfile.remove(mozpath.join(target, 'build', '.gitattributes'))
         mozfile.remove(mozpath.join(target, 'build' ,'.gitignore'))
     def generate_sources(self, target):
@@ -140,16 +176,19 @@ Please commit or stash these changes bef
         self.fetch_and_unpack(commit, vendor_dir)
         self.log(logging.INFO, 'clean_upstream', {},
                  '''Removing unnecessary files.''')
         glue_dir = mozpath.join(self.topsrcdir, 'media/libaom')
         self.log(logging.INFO, 'generate_sources', {},
                  '''Generating build files...''')
+        self.log(logging.INFO, 'update_source', {},
+                 '''Updating mimetype extension.''')
+        self.update_mimetype(commit)
         self.log(logging.INFO, 'update_readme', {},
                  '''Updating README_MOZILLA.''')
         self.update_readme(commit, timestamp, glue_dir)
         self.log(logging.INFO, 'add_remove_files', {},
                  '''Registering changes with version control.''')