Bug 961727 - [Australis] Adjust popup padding on Windows to 4px. r=dao, a=gavin
authorMike de Boer (mdeboer@mozilla.com)
Wed, 05 Feb 2014 13:17:34 +0100
changeset 182686 df84666ed37f9efee86a3b97c3daaef68a6ee651
parent 182685 e73d637566fdbc2485d67937e2f916e770c0cff0
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push dateMon, 17 Mar 2014 21:55:32 +0000
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reviewersdao, gavin
Bug 961727 - [Australis] Adjust popup padding on Windows to 4px. r=dao, a=gavin
--- a/toolkit/content/tests/chrome/test_arrowpanel.xul
+++ b/toolkit/content/tests/chrome/test_arrowpanel.xul
@@ -17,21 +17,21 @@
   <!-- Our SimpleTest/TestRunner.js runs tests inside an iframe which sizes are W=500 H=300.
        'left' and 'top' values need to be set so that the panel (popup) has enough room to display on its 4 sides. -->
   <label id="middle" value="+/- Centered" left="225" top="135"/>
   <iframe id="frame" type="content"
           src="data:text/html,&lt;input id='input'&gt;" width="100" height="100" left="225" top="120"/>
 <panel id="panel" type="arrow" onpopupshown="checkPanelPosition(this)" onpopuphidden="runNextTest.next()">
-  <label id="panellabel" value="This is some text." height="65"/>
+  <label id="panellabel" value="This is some text..." height="65"/>
 <panel id="bigpanel" type="arrow" onpopupshown="checkBigPanel(this)" onpopuphidden="runNextTest.next()">
-  <button label="This is some text." height="3000"/>
+  <button label="This is some text..." height="3000"/>
 <script type="application/javascript">
 var expectedAnchor = null;
--- a/toolkit/themes/windows/global/popup.css
+++ b/toolkit/themes/windows/global/popup.css
@@ -70,17 +70,17 @@ panel[type="arrow"][side="bottom"] {
 panel[type="arrow"][side="right"] {
   margin-top: -20px;
   margin-bottom: -20px;
 .panel-arrowcontent {
-  padding: 10px;
+  padding: 4px;
   color: -moz-FieldText;
   background: -moz-field;
   background-clip: padding-box;
   border: 1px solid ThreeDShadow;
   margin: 4px;