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Bumping gaia.json for 15 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/4a8813212f91 Author: Chris Lord <chrislord.net@gmail.com> Desc: Merge pull request #31725 from Cwiiis/bug1202190-new-homescreen-drop-icon-at-end Bug 1202190 - Fix dropping icons at end of apps grid. r=gmarty ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/6c93e6b84bb0 Author: Chris Lord <chrislord.net@gmail.com> Desc: Bug 1202190 - Fix dropping icons at end of apps grid. r=gmarty ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/f463ad0f94c6 Author: Carsten Book <tomcat@mozilla.com> Desc: Merge pull request #31115 from cr/lockscreentouch Bug 1187979 - Improve Inputpad's touch and visual feeback. r=gweng ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/6ff46a505baf Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Fixing linter whine ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/aa0ff751addc Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Adapting and improving InputPad tests This is a major rewrite of InputPad tests, mostly triggered by the restructuring. It also adds tests for previously uncovered code like the keyi input handling, password checking, the emergency dialer, and event handling in general. ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/f0ff8ff55386 Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Rewriting event handling and helper functions This is a minor rewrite of InputPad's event handling and a major rewrite of its helper functions. The event handler now delegates do separate handlers for each touch/click event, creating a more compact function design. Much of the internal state logic has been moved away to be encapsulated in the helper functions. The set of helper functions was restructured and rewritten to capture more shared code between event handlers, to have consistent arguments, and with unit testing in mind. Helpers now consistently take keypad anchor elements as arguments where possible. They were also rewritten to properly handle null arguments which result when events land outside of the keypad. ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/564ab745ebbf Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Added comments and gweng's changes ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/6ab7d4221cf4 Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Work around eslint whining about unsafe innerHTML ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/7c064d566eec Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Prevent vibrate on pending error timeout ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/56a039ae115f Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Linter fix for Inputpad test ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/33aaab73d445 Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Improving InputPad tests ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/4e67fe574b31 Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Fix DOM node comparison ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/aab3b048ec8d Author: Christiane Ruetten <cr@mozilla.com> Desc: Improve visual and touch feedback of Inputpad Inputpad looks and feels wonky compared to the slick lock and feel of the keyboard panel used while setting the pass code in Settings. Much of the reason comes from that it only vibrates on key release, the other that it does not behave well when the user is sliding a finger over the keys. There is also a considerable delay between touching a key and a visual reaction to the extent that it's skipped when typing mildly fast. This patch addresses all of the above: - make InputPad vibrate instantly on touch - make InputPad respect user's touchmove - visualize key presses instantly ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/502a5ae6645d Author: Carsten Book <tomcat@mozilla.com> Desc: Merge pull request #31187 from TheoChevalier/bug1189532-add-bm-mg Bug 1189532 - Add Bambara (bm) and Malagasy (mg) locales to master. r=stas ======== https://hg.mozilla.org/integration/gaia-central/rev/8f1b63bbe9f7 Author: TheoChevalier <theo.chevalier11@gmail.com> Desc: Bug 1189532 - Add Bambara (bm) and Malagasy (mg) locales to master and 2.2 builds
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     "git": {
-        "git_revision": "876ba1b656d924b3e47e207330367dfc41486151", 
+        "git_revision": "d068ae4d95a291396abd6ed40b8a125a9b5b5a51", 
         "remote": "https://git.mozilla.org/releases/gaia.git", 
         "branch": ""
-    "revision": "f38189e580487f6d17e982c51182166eb733a3c9", 
+    "revision": "4a8813212f9142964056d461f5417f8eb9afd221", 
     "repo_path": "integration/gaia-central"