Bug 1079154 patch 6: convert ApplyRelativePosition, ReflowChild and FinishReflowChild in nsFlexContainerFrame to the logical versions, r=dholbert
authorSimon Montagu <smontagu@smontagu.org>
Tue, 06 Jan 2015 23:10:07 -0800
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Bug 1079154 patch 6: convert ApplyRelativePosition, ReflowChild and FinishReflowChild in nsFlexContainerFrame to the logical versions, r=dholbert
--- a/layout/generic/nsFlexContainerFrame.cpp
+++ b/layout/generic/nsFlexContainerFrame.cpp
@@ -3603,31 +3603,39 @@ nsFlexContainerFrame::DoFlexLayout(nsPre
   // Before giving each child a final reflow, calculate the origin of the
   // flex container's content box (with respect to its border-box), so that
   // we can compute our flex item's final positions.
   nsMargin containerBorderPadding(aReflowState.ComputedPhysicalBorderPadding());
   const nsPoint containerContentBoxOrigin(containerBorderPadding.left,
+  WritingMode outerWM = aReflowState.GetWritingMode();
+  nscoord containerWidth = IsAxisHorizontal(aAxisTracker.GetMainAxis()) ?
+                             aContentBoxMainSize : contentBoxCrossSize;
   // FINAL REFLOW: Give each child frame another chance to reflow, now that
   // we know its final size and position.
   for (const FlexLine* line = lines.getFirst(); line; line = line->getNext()) {
     for (const FlexItem* item = line->GetFirstItem(); item;
          item = item->getNext()) {
       nsPoint physicalPosn = aAxisTracker.PhysicalPointFromLogicalPoint(
       // Adjust physicalPosn to be relative to the container's border-box
       // (i.e. its frame rect), instead of the container's content-box:
       physicalPosn += containerContentBoxOrigin;
+      //XXX Can we calculate the logical position more directly instead
+      //    of this double conversion?
+      LogicalPoint framePos(outerWM, physicalPosn,
+                            containerWidth - item->Frame()->GetRect().width);
       WritingMode wm = item->Frame()->GetWritingMode();
       LogicalSize availSize = aReflowState.ComputedSize(wm);
       availSize.BSize(wm) = NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE;
       nsHTMLReflowState childReflowState(aPresContext, aReflowState,
                                          item->Frame(), availSize);
       // Keep track of whether we've overriden the child's computed height
       // and/or width, so we can set its resize flags accordingly.
@@ -3680,48 +3688,47 @@ nsFlexContainerFrame::DoFlexLayout(nsPre
       // NOTE: Be very careful about doing anything else with childReflowState
       // after this point, because some of its methods (e.g. SetComputedWidth)
       // internally call InitResizeFlags and stomp on mVResize & mHResize.
       nsHTMLReflowMetrics childDesiredSize(childReflowState);
       nsReflowStatus childReflowStatus;
       ReflowChild(item->Frame(), aPresContext,
                   childDesiredSize, childReflowState,
-                  physicalPosn.x, physicalPosn.y,
+                  outerWM, framePos, containerWidth,
                   0, childReflowStatus);
       // XXXdholbert Once we do pagination / splitting, we'll need to actually
       // handle incomplete childReflowStatuses. But for now, we give our kids
       // unconstrained available height, which means they should always
       // complete.
                  "We gave flex item unconstrained available height, so it "
                  "should be complete");
-      childReflowState.ApplyRelativePositioning(&physicalPosn);
+      childReflowState.ApplyRelativePositioning(&framePos, containerWidth);
       FinishReflowChild(item->Frame(), aPresContext,
                         childDesiredSize, &childReflowState,
-                        physicalPosn.x, physicalPosn.y, 0);
+                        outerWM, framePos, containerWidth, 0);
       // If this is our first child and we haven't established a baseline for
       // the container yet (i.e. if we don't have 'align-self: baseline' on any
       // children), then use this child's baseline as the container's baseline.
       if (item->Frame() == mFrames.FirstChild() &&
           flexContainerAscent == nscoord_MIN) {
         ResolveReflowedChildAscent(item->Frame(), childDesiredSize);
         // (We use GetNormalPosition() instead of physicalPosn because we don't
         // want relative positioning on the child to affect the baseline that we
         // read from it).
-        WritingMode wm = aReflowState.GetWritingMode();
-        flexContainerAscent =
-          item->Frame()->GetLogicalNormalPosition(wm,
-                                                  childDesiredSize.Width()).B(wm) +
-          childDesiredSize.BlockStartAscent();
+        flexContainerAscent = item->Frame()->GetLogicalNormalPosition(
+                                outerWM,
+                                childDesiredSize.Width()).B(outerWM) +
+                              childDesiredSize.BlockStartAscent();
   nsSize desiredContentBoxSize =