Bug 1546718 - [tryselect] Add ability to post-filter fuzzy presets interactively, r=jgraham
authorAndrew Halberstadt <ahalberstadt@mozilla.com>
Wed, 24 Apr 2019 19:36:03 +0000
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Bug 1546718 - [tryselect] Add ability to post-filter fuzzy presets interactively, r=jgraham Differential Revision: https://phabricator.services.mozilla.com/D28713
--- a/tools/tryselect/docs/selectors/fuzzy.rst
+++ b/tools/tryselect/docs/selectors/fuzzy.rst
@@ -91,23 +91,46 @@ You can pass in multiple queries at once
 If instead you want the intersection of queries, you can pass in ``-x/--and``:
 .. code-block:: shell
     # selects all windows mochitest tasks
     $ mach try fuzzy --and -q "mochitest" -q "windows"
-Using query intersections is especially useful with presets:
+Modifying Presets
+:doc:`Presets <../presets>` make it easy to run a pre-determined set of tasks. But sometimes you
+might not want to run that set exactly as is, you may only want to use the preset as a starting
+point then add or remove tasks as needed. This can be accomplished with ``-q/--query`` or
+Here are some examples of adding tasks to a preset:
 .. code-block:: shell
-    # selects all windows perf tasks
+    # selects all perf tasks plus all mochitest-chrome tasks
+    $ mach try fuzzy --preset perf -q "mochitest-chrome"
+    # adds tasks to the perf preset interactively
+    $ mach try fuzzy --preset perf -i
+Similarly, ``-x/--and`` can be used to filter down a preset by taking the intersection of the two
+.. code-block:: shell
+    # limits perf tasks to windows only
     $ mach try fuzzy --preset perf -xq "windows"
+    # limits perf tasks interactively
+    $ mach try fuzzy --preset perf -xi
 Shell Conflicts
 Unfortunately ``fzf``'s query language uses some characters (namely ``'``, ``!`` and ``$``) that can
 interfere with your shell when using ``-q/--query``. Below are some tips for how to type out a query
 on the command line.
--- a/tools/tryselect/mach_commands.py
+++ b/tools/tryselect/mach_commands.py
@@ -250,16 +250,19 @@ class TrySelect(MachCommandBase):
           word$: exact suffix match (line must end with literal "word")
           !word: exact negation match (line must not contain literal "word")
           'a | 'b: OR operator (joins two exact match operators together)
         For example:
           ^start 'exact | !ignore fuzzy end$
+        if kwargs.pop('interactive'):
+            kwargs['query'].append('INTERACTIVE')
         if kwargs.pop('intersection'):
             kwargs['intersect_query'] = kwargs['query']
             del kwargs['query']
         if kwargs.get('save') and not kwargs.get('query'):
             # If saving preset without -q/--query, allow user to use the
             # interface to build the query.
             kwargs_copy = kwargs.copy()
--- a/tools/tryselect/selectors/fuzzy.py
+++ b/tools/tryselect/selectors/fuzzy.py
@@ -82,21 +82,28 @@ fzf_header_shortcuts = {
 class FuzzyParser(BaseTryParser):
     name = 'fuzzy'
     arguments = [
         [['-q', '--query'],
          {'metavar': 'STR',
           'action': 'append',
+          'default': [],
           'help': "Use the given query instead of entering the selection "
                   "interface. Equivalent to typing <query><ctrl-a><enter> "
                   "from the interface. Specifying multiple times schedules "
                   "the union of computed tasks.",
+        [['-i', '--interactive'],
+         {'action': 'store_true',
+          'default': False,
+          'help': "Force running fzf interactively even when using presets or "
+                  "queries with -q/--query."
+          }],
         [['-x', '--and'],
          {'dest': 'intersection',
           'action': 'store_true',
           'default': False,
           'help': "When specifying queries on the command line with -q/--query, "
                   "use the intersection of tasks rather than the union. This is "
                   "especially useful for post filtering presets.",
@@ -245,33 +252,34 @@ def run(update=False, query=None, inters
     if exact:
     selected = set()
     queries = []
-    def get_tasks(query_arg=None):
+    def get_tasks(query_arg=None, candidate_tasks=all_tasks):
         cmd = base_cmd[:]
-        if query_arg:
+        if query_arg and query_arg != 'INTERACTIVE':
             cmd.extend(['-f', query_arg])
-        query_str, tasks = run_fzf(cmd, all_tasks)
+        query_str, tasks = run_fzf(cmd, sorted(candidate_tasks))
         return set(tasks)
     for q in query or []:
         selected |= get_tasks(q)
     for q in intersect_query or []:
-        tasks = get_tasks(q)
         if not selected:
+            tasks = get_tasks(q)
             selected |= tasks
+            tasks = get_tasks(q, selected)
             selected &= tasks
     if not queries:
         selected = get_tasks()
     if not selected:
         print("no tasks selected")