Bug 1081935 - Missing UUID bump. r=smaug a=me
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Bug 1081935 - Missing UUID bump. r=smaug a=me
--- a/content/base/public/nsIDOMParser.idl
+++ b/content/base/public/nsIDOMParser.idl
@@ -14,17 +14,17 @@ interface nsIGlobalObject;
  * The nsIDOMParser interface is a non-SAX interface that can be used
  * to parse a string or byte stream containing XML or HTML content
  * to a DOM document. Parsing is always synchronous - a document is always
  * returned from the parsing methods. This is as opposed to loading and
  * parsing with the XMLHttpRequest interface, which can be used for
  * asynchronous (callback-based) loading.
 interface nsIDOMParser : nsISupports
    * The string passed in is parsed into a DOM document.
    * @param str The UTF16 string to be parsed
    * @param contentType The content type of the string (see parseFromStream)
    * @returns The DOM document created as a result of parsing the