Bug 989619 - patch 1 - Codegen should allow static methods with a reserved C++ keywords as the name, r=peterv
authorAndrea Marchesini <amarchesini@mozilla.com>
Sat, 04 Jun 2016 09:31:44 +0200
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Bug 989619 - patch 1 - Codegen should allow static methods with a reserved C++ keywords as the name, r=peterv
--- a/dom/bindings/Codegen.py
+++ b/dom/bindings/Codegen.py
@@ -2281,16 +2281,20 @@ class MethodDefiner(PropertyDefiner):
                 # Methods generated for a maplike/setlike declaration are not
                 # enumerable.
                 "flags": "JSPROP_ENUMERATE" if not isMaplikeOrSetlikeMethod else "0",
                 "condition": PropertyDefiner.getControllingCondition(m, descriptor),
                 "allowCrossOriginThis": m.getExtendedAttribute("CrossOriginCallable"),
                 "returnsPromise": m.returnsPromise(),
                 "hasIteratorAlias": "@@iterator" in m.aliases
+            if m.isStatic():
+                method["nativeName"] = CppKeywords.checkMethodName(IDLToCIdentifier(m.identifier.name))
             if isChromeOnly(m):
         # TODO: Once iterable is implemented, use tiebreak rules instead of
         # failing. Also, may be more tiebreak rules to implement once spec bug
         # is resolved.
@@ -6056,17 +6060,17 @@ def convertConstIDLValueToJSVal(value):
     if tag in [IDLType.Tags.int8, IDLType.Tags.uint8, IDLType.Tags.int16,
                IDLType.Tags.uint16, IDLType.Tags.int32]:
         return "JS::Int32Value(%s)" % (value.value)
     if tag == IDLType.Tags.uint32:
         return "JS::NumberValue(%sU)" % (value.value)
     if tag in [IDLType.Tags.int64, IDLType.Tags.uint64]:
         return "JS::CanonicalizedDoubleValue(%s)" % numericValue(tag, value.value)
     if tag == IDLType.Tags.bool:
-        return "JSVAL_TRUE" if value.value else "JSVAL_FALSE"
+        return "JS::BooleanValue(true)" if value.value else "JS::BooleanValue(false)"
     if tag in [IDLType.Tags.float, IDLType.Tags.double]:
         return "JS::CanonicalizedDoubleValue(%s)" % (value.value)
     raise TypeError("Const value of unhandled type: %s" % value.type)
 class CGArgumentConverter(CGThing):
     A class that takes an IDL argument object and its index in the
@@ -8608,17 +8612,17 @@ class CppKeywords():
 class CGStaticMethod(CGAbstractStaticBindingMethod):
     A class for generating the C++ code for an IDL static method.
     def __init__(self, descriptor, method):
         self.method = method
-        name = IDLToCIdentifier(method.identifier.name)
+        name = CppKeywords.checkMethodName(IDLToCIdentifier(method.identifier.name))
         CGAbstractStaticBindingMethod.__init__(self, descriptor, name)
     def generate_code(self):
         nativeName = CGSpecializedMethod.makeNativeName(self.descriptor,
         return CGMethodCall(nativeName, True, self.descriptor, self.method)
--- a/dom/bindings/test/TestBindingHeader.h
+++ b/dom/bindings/test/TestBindingHeader.h
@@ -790,16 +790,17 @@ public:
   int8_t DeprecatedMethod();
   int8_t DeprecatedMethodWithContext(JSContext*, JS::Value);
   // Static methods and attributes
   static void StaticMethod(const GlobalObject&, bool);
   static void StaticMethodWithContext(const GlobalObject&, JS::Value);
   static bool StaticAttribute(const GlobalObject&);
   static void SetStaticAttribute(const GlobalObject&, bool);
+  static void Assert(const GlobalObject&, bool);
   // Deprecated static methods and attributes
   static int8_t StaticDeprecatedAttribute(const GlobalObject&);
   static int8_t SetStaticDeprecatedAttribute(const GlobalObject&, int8_t);
   static int8_t StaticDeprecatedMethod(const GlobalObject&);
   static int8_t StaticDeprecatedMethodWithContext(const GlobalObject&, JS::Value);
   // Overload resolution tests
--- a/dom/bindings/test/TestCodeGen.webidl
+++ b/dom/bindings/test/TestCodeGen.webidl
@@ -778,16 +778,19 @@ interface TestInterface {
   byte deprecatedMethodWithContext(any arg);
   // Static methods and attributes
   static attribute boolean staticAttribute;
   static void staticMethod(boolean arg);
   static void staticMethodWithContext(any arg);
+  // Testing static method with a reserved C++ keyword as the name
+  static void assert(boolean arg);
   // Deprecated static methods and attributes
   static attribute byte staticDeprecatedAttribute;
   static void staticDeprecatedMethod();
   static void staticDeprecatedMethodWithContext(any arg);