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make wizard localizable
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/wizard.dtd
@@ -0,0 +1,32 @@
+<!ENTITY wizard.title                     "Weave Sync Setup Wizard">
+<!ENTITY step1.counter                    "Step 1 of 5">
+<!ENTITY step1.title                      "Weave Setup Wizard">
+<!ENTITY step1.description                "This Wizard will guide you through the steps necessary to backup your current bookmarks, login to Weave, and backup and synchronize your data to the Internet and your other browsers.">
+<!ENTITY step1.note                       "Please note that the user interface is temporary and is solely intended to allow for testing of the underlying service framework.">
+<!ENTITY step2.counter                    "Step 2 of 5">
+<!ENTITY step2.title                      "Backup Your Bookmarks">
+<!ENTITY step2.description                "Backing up now will allow you to recover from the data loss you may experience. We strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of your bookmarks now.">
+<!ENTITY step2.note                       "To do so, simply press the &quot;Back Up Bookmarks...&quot; button below, and we will save a copy of your bookmarks to your desktop.">
+<!ENTITY backUpBookmarks.label            "Back Up Bookmarks...">
+<!ENTITY step3.counter                    "Step 3 of 5">
+<!ENTITY step3.title                      "Enter Login Details">
+<!ENTITY step3.description                "We're temporarily using the internal Mozilla LDAP server for authentication. Please enter your username and password here and click the &quot;Verify&quot; button to validate before proceeding.">
+<!ENTITY username.label                   "Username:">
+<!ENTITY password.label                   "Password:">
+<!ENTITY encryptionPassphrase.label       "Encryption Passphrase:">
+<!ENTITY verify.label                     "Verify">
+<!ENTITY verifyStatusUnverified.label     "Status: Unverified.">
+<!ENTITY step4.counter                    "Step 4 of 5">
+<!ENTITY step4.title                      "Initial Synchronization">
+<!ENTITY step4.description                "You're now ready to synchronize your computer with Weave.  If this is your first time, we will encrypt and upload a representation of your bookmarks and history over SSL to a secure remote server.">
+<!ENTITY step4.note                       "If you have previously set up Weave on another computer, we will merge your data and reconcile any conflicts for you.">
+<!ENTITY performInitialSync.label         "Perform Initial Synchronization">
+<!ENTITY initStatusReady.label            "Status: Ready.">
+<!ENTITY step5.counter                    "Step 5 of 5">
+<!ENTITY step5.title                      "Setup Complete">
+<!ENTITY step5.description                "By default you will now connect to the Weave each time you start Firefox.">
new file mode 100644
--- /dev/null
+++ b/services/sync/locales/en-US/
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+verifyStatusUnverified.label    = Status: Unverified.
+verifyStatusLoginVerified.label = Status: Login Verified.
+verifyStatusLoginFailed.label   = Status: Login Failed.
+initStatusReadyToSync.label     = Status: Ready to Sync.
+initStatusSyncing.label         = Status: Syncing...
+initStatusSyncComplete.label    = Status: Sync Complete
+initStatusSyncFailed.label      = Status: Sync Failed
+invalidCredentials.alert        = You must provide a valid user name and password to continue.