Bug 1197541 - Add --dump-tests option to mochitest and xpcshell for all tests that will be run. r=ahal
authorVaibhav Agrawal <vaibhavmagarwal@gmail.com>
Fri, 21 Aug 2015 17:16:11 -0700
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Bug 1197541 - Add --dump-tests option to mochitest and xpcshell for all tests that will be run. r=ahal
--- a/testing/mochitest/mochitest_options.py
+++ b/testing/mochitest/mochitest_options.py
@@ -318,16 +318,22 @@ class MochitestArguments(ArgumentContain
          {"dest": "testRunManifestFile",
           "default": 'tests.json',
           "help": "Overrides the default filename of the tests.json manifest file that is "
                   "generated by the harness and used by SimpleTest. Only useful when running "
                   "multiple test runs simulatenously on the same machine.",
           "suppress": True,
+        [["--dump-tests"],
+         {"dest": "dump_tests",
+          "default": None,
+          "help": "Specify path to a filename to dump all the tests that will be run",
+          "suppress": True,
+          }],
          {"dest": "failureFile",
           "default": None,
           "help": "Filename of the output file where we can store a .json list of failures "
                   "to be run in the future with --run-only-tests.",
           "suppress": True,
--- a/testing/mochitest/runtests.py
+++ b/testing/mochitest/runtests.py
@@ -1973,16 +1973,25 @@ class Mochitest(MochitestUtilsMixin):
         def path_sort(ob1, ob2):
             path1 = ob1['path'].split('/')
             path2 = ob2['path'].split('/')
             return cmp(path1, path2)
         self._active_tests = paths
+        if options.dump_tests:
+            options.dump_tests = os.path.expanduser(options.dump_tests)
+            assert os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(options.dump_tests))
+            with open(options.dump_tests, 'w') as dumpFile:
+                dumpFile.write(json.dumps({'active_tests': self._active_tests}))
+            self.log.info("Dumping active_tests to %s file." % options.dump_tests)
+            sys.exit()
         return self._active_tests
     def logPreamble(self, tests):
         """Logs a suite_start message and test_start/test_end at the beginning of a run.
         self.log.suite_start([t['path'] for t in tests])
         for test in tests:
             if 'disabled' in test:
--- a/testing/xpcshell/mach_commands.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/mach_commands.py
@@ -61,17 +61,17 @@ class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
         return self._run_xpcshell_harness(manifest=manifest, **kwargs)
     def run_test(self, test_paths, interactive=False,
                  keep_going=False, sequential=False, shuffle=False,
                  debugger=None, debuggerArgs=None, debuggerInteractive=None,
                  jsDebugger=False, jsDebuggerPort=None,
                  rerun_failures=False, test_objects=None, verbose=False,
-                 log=None, test_tags=None,
+                 log=None, test_tags=None, dump_tests=None,
                  # ignore parameters from other platforms' options
         """Runs an individual xpcshell test."""
         from mozbuild.testing import TestResolver
         from manifestparser import TestManifest
         # TODO Bug 794506 remove once mach integrates with virtualenv.
         build_path = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, 'build')
@@ -84,17 +84,17 @@ class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
         if test_paths == 'all':
                            keep_going=keep_going, shuffle=shuffle, sequential=sequential,
                            debugger=debugger, debuggerArgs=debuggerArgs,
                            jsDebugger=jsDebugger, jsDebuggerPort=jsDebuggerPort,
-                           verbose=verbose, log=log, test_tags=test_tags)
+                           verbose=verbose, log=log, test_tags=test_tags, dump_tests=dump_tests)
         elif test_paths:
             test_paths = [self._wrap_path_argument(p).relpath() for p in test_paths]
         if test_objects:
             tests = test_objects
             resolver = self._spawn(TestResolver)
@@ -120,26 +120,28 @@ class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
             'debuggerInteractive': debuggerInteractive,
             'jsDebugger': jsDebugger,
             'jsDebuggerPort': jsDebuggerPort,
             'rerun_failures': rerun_failures,
             'manifest': manifest,
             'verbose': verbose,
             'log': log,
             'test_tags': test_tags,
+            'dump_tests': dump_tests,
         return self._run_xpcshell_harness(**args)
     def _run_xpcshell_harness(self, manifest,
                               test_path=None, shuffle=False, interactive=False,
                               keep_going=False, sequential=False,
                               debugger=None, debuggerArgs=None, debuggerInteractive=None,
                               jsDebugger=False, jsDebuggerPort=None,
-                              rerun_failures=False, verbose=False, log=None, test_tags=None):
+                              rerun_failures=False, verbose=False, log=None, test_tags=None,
+                              dump_tests=None):
         # Obtain a reference to the xpcshell test runner.
         import runxpcshelltests
         xpcshell = runxpcshelltests.XPCShellTests(log=log)
         tests_dir = os.path.join(self.topobjdir, '_tests', 'xpcshell')
@@ -168,16 +170,17 @@ class XPCShellRunner(MozbuildObject):
             'xunitName': 'xpcshell',
             'pluginsPath': os.path.join(self.distdir, 'plugins'),
             'debugger': debugger,
             'debuggerArgs': debuggerArgs,
             'debuggerInteractive': debuggerInteractive,
             'jsDebugger': jsDebugger,
             'jsDebuggerPort': jsDebuggerPort,
             'test_tags': test_tags,
+            'dump_tests': dump_tests,
             'utility_path': self.bindir,
         if test_path is not None:
             args['testPath'] = test_path
         # A failure manifest is written by default. If --rerun-failures is
         # specified and a prior failure manifest is found, the prior manifest
@@ -442,16 +445,18 @@ class MachCommands(MachCommandBase):
     @CommandArgument('--shuffle', '-s', action='store_true',
         help='Randomize the execution order of tests.')
     @CommandArgument('--rerun-failures', action='store_true',
         help='Reruns failures from last time.')
     @CommandArgument('--tag', action='append', dest='test_tags',
         help='Filter out tests that don\'t have the given tag. Can be used '
              'multiple times in which case the test must contain at least one '
              'of the given tags.')
+    @CommandArgument('--dump-tests', default=None, type=str, dest='dump_tests',
+        help='Specify path to a filename to dump all the tests that will be run')
     @CommandArgument('--devicemanager', default='adb', type=str,
         help='(Android) Type of devicemanager to use for communication: adb or sut')
     @CommandArgument('--ip', type=str, default=None,
         help='(Android) IP address of device')
     @CommandArgument('--port', type=int, default=20701,
         help='(Android) Port of device')
     @CommandArgument('--remote_test_root', type=str, default=None,
         help='(Android) Remote test root such as /mnt/sdcard or /data/local')
--- a/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
+++ b/testing/xpcshell/runxpcshelltests.py
@@ -832,16 +832,25 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
             sys.stderr.write("*** offending mozinfo.info: %s\n" % repr(mozinfo.info))
         if len(self.alltests) == 0:
             self.log.error("no tests to run using specified "
                            "combination of filters: {}".format(
+        if self.dump_tests:
+            self.dump_tests = os.path.expanduser(self.dump_tests)
+            assert os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(self.dump_tests))
+            with open(self.dump_tests, 'w') as dumpFile:
+                dumpFile.write(json.dumps({'active_tests': self.alltests}))
+            self.log.info("Dumping active_tests to %s file." % self.dump_tests)
+            sys.exit()
     def setAbsPath(self):
           Set the absolute path for xpcshell, httpdjspath and xrepath.
           These 3 variables depend on input from the command line and we need to allow for absolute paths.
           This function is overloaded for a remote solution as os.path* won't work remotely.
         self.testharnessdir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
         self.headJSPath = self.testharnessdir.replace("\\", "/") + "/head.js"
@@ -1071,17 +1080,17 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
                  manifest=None, testdirs=None, testPath=None, mobileArgs=None,
                  interactive=False, verbose=False, keepGoing=False, logfiles=True,
                  thisChunk=1, totalChunks=1, debugger=None,
                  debuggerArgs=None, debuggerInteractive=False,
                  profileName=None, mozInfo=None, sequential=False, shuffle=False,
                  testsRootDir=None, testingModulesDir=None, pluginsPath=None,
                  testClass=XPCShellTestThread, failureManifest=None,
                  log=None, stream=None, jsDebugger=False, jsDebuggerPort=0,
-                 test_tags=None, utility_path=None, **otherOptions):
+                 test_tags=None, dump_tests=None, utility_path=None, **otherOptions):
         """Run xpcshell tests.
         |xpcshell|, is the xpcshell executable to use to run the tests.
         |xrePath|, if provided, is the path to the XRE to use.
         |appPath|, if provided, is the path to an application directory.
         |symbolsPath|, if provided is the path to a directory containing
           breakpad symbols for processing crashes in tests.
         |manifest|, if provided, is a file containing a list of
@@ -1155,16 +1164,17 @@ class XPCShellTests(object):
         self.xpcshell = xpcshell
         self.xrePath = xrePath
         self.appPath = appPath
         self.symbolsPath = symbolsPath
         self.manifest = manifest
         self.testdirs = testdirs
         self.testPath = testPath
+        self.dump_tests = dump_tests
         self.interactive = interactive
         self.verbose = verbose
         self.keepGoing = keepGoing
         self.logfiles = logfiles
         self.totalChunks = totalChunks
         self.thisChunk = thisChunk
         self.profileName = profileName or "xpcshell"
         self.mozInfo = mozInfo
@@ -1468,16 +1478,19 @@ class XPCShellOptions(OptionParser):
                         action="store_true", dest="verbose", default=False,
                         help="always print stdout and stderr from tests")
                         action="store_true", dest="keepGoing", default=False,
                         help="continue running tests after test killed with control-C (SIGINT)")
                         action="store_true", dest="logfiles", default=True,
                         help="create log files (default, only used to override --no-logfiles)")
+        self.add_option("--dump-tests",
+                        type="string", dest="dump_tests", default=None,
+                        help="Specify path to a filename to dump all the tests that will be run")
                         type="string", dest="manifest", default=None,
                         help="Manifest of test directories to use")
                         action="store_false", dest="logfiles",
                         help="don't create log files")
                         action="store_true", dest="sequential", default=False,