Bug 1481793 part 3 - Assert cross-compartment wrappers don't wrap other CCWs. r=luke
authorJan de Mooij <jdemooij@mozilla.com>
Thu, 09 Aug 2018 13:34:40 +0200
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Bug 1481793 part 3 - Assert cross-compartment wrappers don't wrap other CCWs. r=luke
--- a/js/src/jit/CacheIR.cpp
+++ b/js/src/jit/CacheIR.cpp
@@ -1098,25 +1098,27 @@ GetPropIRGenerator::tryAttachCrossCompar
     // If we're megamorphic prefer a generic proxy stub that handles a lot more
     // cases.
     if (mode_ == ICState::Mode::Megamorphic)
         return false;
     RootedObject unwrapped(cx_, Wrapper::wrappedObject(obj));
     MOZ_ASSERT(unwrapped == UnwrapOneChecked(obj));
+    MOZ_ASSERT(!IsCrossCompartmentWrapper(unwrapped),
+               "CCWs must not wrap other CCWs");
     // If we allowed different zones we would have to wrap strings.
     if (unwrapped->compartment()->zone() != cx_->compartment()->zone())
         return false;
     // Take the unwrapped object's global, and wrap in a
     // this-compartment wrapper. This is what will be stored in the IC
     // keep the compartment alive.
-    RootedObject wrappedTargetGlobal(cx_, &unwrapped->deprecatedGlobal());
+    RootedObject wrappedTargetGlobal(cx_, &unwrapped->nonCCWGlobal());
     if (!cx_->compartment()->wrap(cx_, &wrappedTargetGlobal))
         return false;
     bool isWindowProxy = false;
     RootedShape shape(cx_);
     RootedNativeObject holder(cx_);
     // Enter realm of target since some checks have side-effects
--- a/js/src/proxy/CrossCompartmentWrapper.cpp
+++ b/js/src/proxy/CrossCompartmentWrapper.cpp
@@ -602,17 +602,16 @@ js::RemapWrapper(JSContext* cx, JSObject
     RootedObject newTarget(cx, newTargetArg);
     JSObject* origTarget = Wrapper::wrappedObject(wobj);
                "We don't want a dead proxy in the wrapper map");
     Value origv = ObjectValue(*origTarget);
-    Realm* wrealm = wobj->deprecatedRealm();
     JS::Compartment* wcompartment = wobj->compartment();
     AutoDisableProxyCheck adpc;
     // If we're mapping to a different target (as opposed to just recomputing
     // for the same target), we must not have an existing wrapper for the new
     // target, otherwise this will break.
     MOZ_ASSERT_IF(origTarget != newTarget,
@@ -623,16 +622,20 @@ js::RemapWrapper(JSContext* cx, JSObject
     WrapperMap::Ptr p = wcompartment->lookupWrapper(origv);
     MOZ_ASSERT(&p->value().unsafeGet()->toObject() == wobj);
     // When we remove origv from the wrapper map, its wrapper, wobj, must
     // immediately cease to be a cross-compartment wrapper. Nuke it.
     NukeCrossCompartmentWrapper(cx, wobj);
+    // wobj is no longer a cross-compartment wrapper after nuking it, so we can
+    // now use nonCCWRealm.
+    Realm* wrealm = wobj->nonCCWRealm();
     // First, we wrap it in the new compartment. We try to use the existing
     // wrapper, |wobj|, since it's been nuked anyway. The wrap() function has
     // the choice to reuse |wobj| or not.
     RootedObject tobj(cx, newTarget);
     AutoRealmUnchecked ar(cx, wrealm);
     if (!wcompartment->rewrap(cx, &tobj, wobj))
--- a/js/src/proxy/Wrapper.cpp
+++ b/js/src/proxy/Wrapper.cpp
@@ -335,16 +335,21 @@ Wrapper::wrappedObject(JSObject* wrapper
     JSObject* target = wrapper->as<ProxyObject>().target();
     // Eagerly unmark gray wrapper targets so we can assert that we don't create
     // black to gray edges. An incremental GC will eventually mark the targets
     // of black wrappers black but while it is in progress we can observe gray
     // targets. Expose rather than returning a gray object in this case.
     if (target) {
+        // A cross-compartment wrapper should never wrap a CCW. We rely on this
+        // in the wrapper handlers (we use AutoRealm on our return value, and
+        // AutoRealm cannot be used with CCWs).
+        MOZ_ASSERT_IF(IsCrossCompartmentWrapper(wrapper),
+                      !IsCrossCompartmentWrapper(target));
         if (wrapper->isMarkedBlack())
         if (!wrapper->isMarkedGray())
     return target;